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Auburn Depth Chart

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Auburn Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Mon May 16, 2011 3:36 pm

Returning Starters/Key Players
QB Barrett Trotter-Jr (6-2, 206) Clint Moseley-So (6-3, 223)
TB Michael Dyer-So (5-9, 206) Onterio McCalebb-Jr (5-10, 172)
Ladarious Phillips-RFr (6-0, 291) (FB)
WR Quindarius Carr-Sr (6-1, 180) Travante Stallworth-Jr (5-9, 187)
WR Emory Blake-Jr (6-1, 197) DeAngelo Benton-Jr (6-2, 207)
WR Trovon Reed-RFr (6-0, 188) Jaylon Denson-Fr (6-3, 190)
Sammie Coates-Fr (6-3, 180)
HB/TE Philip Lutzenkirchen-Jr (6-4, 253) Cameron Groce-RFr (6-3, 227)
OT Brandon Mosley-Sr (6-6, 306) Aubrey Phillips-RFr (6-5, 344)
OG John Sullen-Jr (6-6, 336) Tunde Fariyike-RFr (6-2, 302)
C Reese Dismukes-Fr (6-3, 290) Blake Burgess-So (6-2, 273)
OG Jared Cooper-Sr (6-4, 298) Eric Mack-RFr (6-3, 330)
OT A.J. Greene-Sr (6-5, 298) Chad Slade-RFr (6-5, 329)
K Cody Parkey-So (6-0, 184) Chandler Brooks-Sr (6-0, 180)
Returning Starters/Key Players
DE Corey Lemonier-So (6-4, 229) Dee Ford-Jr (6-4, 233)
DT Kenneth Carter-So (6-5, 287) Derrick Lykes-Jr (6-2, 286)
DT Jeffrey Whitaker-So (6-3, 310) Jamar Travis-Jr (6-0, 295)
Gabe Wright-Fr (6-4, 310)
DE Nosa Eguae-So (6-2, 255) Craig Sanders-So (6-4, 257)
Joel Bonomolo-Jr (6-3, 237)
LLB Eltoro Freeman-Sr (5-11, 224) Jonathan Evans-Jr (5-11, 225)
MLB Jake Holland-So (6-0, 232) ..
RLB Daren Bates-Jr (5-11, 201) LaDarius Owens-RFr (6-2, 242)
CB T'Sharvan Bell-Jr (6-0, 182) Jonathan Rose-Fr (6-2, 185)
CB Chris Davis-So (5-10, 192) Jonathon Mincy-RFr (5-10,186)
S Demetruce McNeal-So (6-1, 188) Drew Cole-Jr (5-11, 190)
S Neiko Thorpe-Sr (6-2, 185) Ikeem Means-Jr (6-0, 209)
P Steven Clark-So (6-5, 228) Chandler Brooks-Sr (6-0, 180)


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Re: Auburn Depth Chart

Post by gator3guy on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:29 pm

Aftering looking over the roster WR#1 Trovon Reed could use a bump in speed and overall. Expected to make a big impact after missing last year with injury.

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Re: Auburn Depth Chart

Post by flimbaugh on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:29 pm

I am a auburn fan and keep up with all aspects of auburn football and just wanted to make give my opinon on ratings might not be worth a lot but it is very knowlegable.

Trotter and Mosley are way closer in ratings both QB's are battleing it out for that sarting spot and EA has Trotter a 85 overall and Mosely a 76...IMO they are both closer to low 80's. Trotter being more awr and Mosley with the stronger arm. Frasher the FR the #1 duel threat QB a 72?? could be a little higher.

Only glaring issue there is McCalebb is a 91 speed and is probly the fastest/quikest guy on the team. I mean this dude won a bet by chasing down a squirrel Definatly needs to be faster and quiker they have his break tackle way to high lol he shys from contact.

I agree with gator3guy Reed is way to low he was the #1 recruit comming out of Louisiana and a 78 in last years game and he redshirted and droped to a 74? Dude is track fast and going to be a beast.

Westerman was the #2 OT and a 5 star recruit and they have him a 74 overall.
While Cyrus K of Bama was the #1 OT and a 5 Star and he is a 79 Overall. They should both be around 79.

This one gets me lol, Burgess and Dismukes are in a battle of the starting spot. They have Burgess a 86 and Dismukes a 73....Burgesss is way over rated and Dismukes in way underrated he was the #1 center in the nation this year.....both should be closer to 80.

Everything else is minor and I just wanted to get my opinon out there and I hope it helps.

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Depth Chart update

Post by AUexpert on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:34 pm

Couple of notes updating Auburn's depth chart heading into Fall Camp 8/1:

QB's: much like flimbaugh said on 7/7, should be a battle between Mosley/Trotter

WR's: If you change nothing else, put Trovon Reed as the No. 3 receiver and give him a boost accordingly. He is WAY faster and should be rated no lower than an 80 as a RSFr.

TE's: It will be Lutzenkirchen, Fulse, Uzumah in that order

DT's: Look for true freshman Angelo Blackson and Gabe Wright to be the No. 3 and No. 4 Defensive Tackles heading into the season.

OLB: 5* OLB Kris Frost had surgery and will miss most of the season. Look for Either Chris Landrum or Harris Gaston to move from MLB to OLB to provide cover.

SS: Erique Florence will be the No.2 safety, Robinson Therezie should be moved to CB.


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Secondary update

Post by AUexpert on Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:28 pm

Update on the secondary:

SS: 1. Ikeem Means will back up Demetruce McNeal
FS: Erique Florence (#3 safety, deserves a bump. He will start in 2012) will back up Thorpe.

Robinson Therezie (#1 headhunter according to Rivals) will play cornerback.


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Re: Auburn Depth Chart

Post by wareagle on Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:16 am

Derrick Lykes was kicked off the team. Also, I believe that Sammie Coates will be ahead of Jaylon Denson on the depth chart.

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Re: Auburn Depth Chart

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