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Connecticut 2017 Depth Chart

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Connecticut 2017 Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:16 am

Connecticut Huskies Depth Chart

WR 2 Beals, Tyraiq JR 8 McLean, Aaron JR
WR 1 Mayala, Hergy JR 23 Dixon, Keyion RS FR
LT 65 Peart, Matthew RS SO 73 Hashemi, Steve SR
LG 62 Hopkins, Thomas RS SR 79 Schafenacker, Kyle RS SR
OC 63 Crozier, Ryan RS JR 72 Vechery, Brendan RS SR
RG 72 Vechery, Brendan RS SR 56 Leone, Nino RS FR
RT 77 Rutherford, Trey SR 73 Hashemi, Steve SR
TE 86 Bloom, Alec SR 80 Myers, Tommy RS SR
HB 9 Davis, Tyler RS SO
QB 4 Shirreffs, Bryant RS SR/TR 15 Williams, Donovan SO
RB 22 Newsome, Arkeel SR 24 Vickers, Ja'Kevious RS FR
DE 57 Ormsby, Cole RS SR 50 Lawley, Sheriden RS JR
NT 93 Fatukasi, Folorunso RS SR 94 Murphy, Kevin RS SO
DE 15 Carrezola, Luke SR 50 Lawley, Sheriden RS JR
OLB 13 Diggs, Vontae SR
ILB 11 Joseph, Junior RS SR 33 Britton, Chris RS JR
OLB 10 Stapleton, Cameron RS SR 33 Britton, Chris RS JR
CB 31 Robinson, John RS SO 14 Herring-Wilson, Tahj RS FR
FS 41 Terry, Marshe RS SO 32 Garland, Aaron RS SO
SS 29 Watkins, Anthony RS JR 16 McAllister, Brice SR
CB 21 Summers, Jamar SR 25 Coyle, Tyler RS FR
P 81 Graham, Brett RS FR
PK 40 Tarbutt, Michael RS SO
LS 21 Summers, Jamar SR
H 9 Davis, Tyler RS SO
PR 16 McAllister, Brice SR
KR 22 Newsome, Arkeel SR 16 McAllister, Brice SR

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