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Purdue Depth Chart

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Purdue Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:04 am

15 Rob Henry RS-SO
9 Robert Marve SR
10 Sean Robinson SO

23 Ralph Bolden RS-JR
24 Akeem Shavers JR
33 Reggie Pegram SO
20 Gavin Roberts RS-JR

WR 2 Justin Siller SR
17 Charles Torwudzo RS-FR
31 Normando Harris SO

13 Antavian Edison JR
3 Waynelle Gravesande SR
12 Tommie Thomas RS-JR

4 OJ Ross SO
6 Gary Bush RS-SO
? Raheem Mostert FR

86 Gabe Holmes SO
81 Sterling Carter JR
84 Justin Sinz RS-FR

68 Dennis Kelly SR
71 Justin Kitchens RS-SO
54 Jack De Boef RS-FR

76 Rick Schmeig RS-JR
56 Eric McDaniel RS-SO
53 Dan Barry SR

67 Peters Drey RS-JR
65 Austen Moret SR
59 Cody Davis RS-SO

73 Ken Plue SR
63 James Shepherd SR
74 Connor Snapp RS-SO

62 Nick Mondek SR
78 Trevor Foy RS-SO
75 Josh Davis RS-FR

58 Robert Maci RS-JR
92 Rashard Frazier RS-FR
5 Antwon Higgs JR
89 Jalani Phillips FR

90 Bruce Gaston SO
55 Brandon Taylor RS-SO
70 LaSalle Cooks RS-JR

93 Kawann Short RS-JR
49 Adam Brockman SR
95 Kevin Pamphile RS-SO

2 Gerald Gooden SR
97 Ryan Russell RS-FR
61 Ryan Isaac SO

45 Will Lucas SO
? Kaulana Judd JR
57 Joe Gilliam RS-FR

3 Dwayne Beckford JR
47 Chris Carlino SR
38 Mike Lee RS-FR

30 Joe Holland SR
11 DeVarro Greaves SR
18 Nnamdi Ezenwa RS-JR

28 Josh Robinson JR
15 Charlton Williams RS-SR
26 Antoine Lewis RS-FR

21 Ricardo Allen SO
10 Mike Eargle SR
29 Chris Quinn JR

32 Albert Evans SR
22 Ishmael Aristide RS-SO
7 EJ Johnson RS-FR

Logan Link SR
34 Max Charlot JR
44 Landon Feichter RS-FR

37 Carson Wiggs SR
14 Jonathan Linkenheimer RS-FR

42 Cody Webster SO

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Re: Purdue Depth Chart

Post by gator3guy on Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:09 pm

RB#23 Ralph Bolden should be a RS-Jr (listed as senior on default rosters).

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Caleb TerBush QB

Post by Gio on Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:36 am

Caleb TerBush is back on the roster after a year of ineligibility. He's a sophomore and should be #3 behind Henry and Marve.


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Re: Purdue Depth Chart

Post by Palo20 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:29 pm

Purdue incoming transfer:

Purdue announced an addition to its defensive line Wednesday, as defensive tackle Calvin Smith has transferred to the school from New Mexico.

The 6-5, 280-pound sophomore appeared in all 12 games for the Lobos last season, recording 12 tackles and a sack. He will sit out the 2011 season and be eligible next year.

You might remember Smith from signing day in 2010, when he chose New Mexico ahead of several higher-profile programs, including Alabama. It was a major coup for ace recruiter Mike Locksley, but things didn't work out for Smith in Albuquerque.

According to a news release, Smith chose Purdue as his transfer destination over Nebraska, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Miami and Alabama. Some pretty impressive options there.

The Hialeah, Fla., native will join the large group of Floridians on Purdue's roster and enter a defensive tackle rotation led be Kawann Short and Bruce Gaston in 2012.

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Re: Purdue Depth Chart

Post by DHenson91 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:41 pm

Hey Luv, I won an early copy of your roster on Twitter (thanks a ton by the way), and here's my impression on my alma mater, Purdue:

QB: Rob Henry tore his ACL and will be out for the season. Keep him on the roster but remove him from the depth chart.

Robert Marve is still recovering from a torn ACL that he injured last season and is unlikely to be ready for the opener. Keep him off the depth chart until he returns from injury, which will probably be after the first few games or so. It's possible he could overtake the starting QB spot from TerBush after he heals up, but probably not likely.

The coaching staff has said (even before Henry's injury) that Caleb TerBush has been throwing the ball the best out of all the QBs, and now that Henry is out for the year and Marve still isn't recovered TerBush will almost definitely be the starting QB. I would recommend a 75-78 rating for TerBush (currently a 73) with slight improvements on his throw power, throw accuracy, and awareness.

Sean Robinson was a highly recruited 3-star dual threat QB, but wasn't ready to play last season and should have red shirted but was forced into action due to the injuries. He struggled as a true freshamn, but his potential within the program remains high and with the injuries to Henry and Marve will be the #2 QB. He needs a moderate boost to his speed, agility, and acceleration ratings, I recommend in the mid 70's. As for his overall he should probably be a 71-73.

WR Justin Siller will remain a starter at WR, but due to the QB injuries he is also #3 on the depth chart at QB behind TerBush and Robinson until Marve is healthy. He's played QB in his earlier seasons and fared pretty well. Siller is currently rated 70 at QB, which I feel is pretty accurate for him.

HB: Reggie Pegram will remain at HB, but the coaching staff has talked about playing him at FB in the future, so I would consider bumping up his block ratings (mainly run blocking) a bit to make him a low-to-mid 60's FB as well (currently a 47 rated FB).

Brandon Cottom is expected to contribute at HB, FB, and H-back throughout his career, so I would bump up his block ratings a bit so that he's rated as a low-to-mid 60's FB as well.

WR: I suggest replacing senior Kurt Lichtenberg with freshman Rasheem Mostert. Licthenberg will only be a deep reserve at WR and special teams contributor, while Mostert has high potential for the future and is expected to be one of our kick returners this season. He's a very fast player.

Move WR Normando Harris back to CB and make him 5th on the depth chart at CB.

I would also suggest slight overall boosts to Antavian Edison and Justin Siller, maybe an 80 for Edison and a 77 for Siller.

I also suggest taking a player deep on the depth chart at a stacked position like DT Kevin Pamphile and switching him to 3-star freshman WR/QB Dolapo MaCarthy.

Great job on the O-Line, no glaring issues that I can see.

Good job on the D-Line as well, but I would recommend bumping up DT Short to a mid 80's rating and DT Gaston to a low 80's rating.

LB: I suggest replacing rs junior LOLB Nnamdi Ezenwa with rs freshman MLB Joe Gilliam. Ezenwa has never really played and is a somewhat of a longshot to crack the two-deep at any of the LB spots, while Gilliam was a 3-star prospect by rivals, scout and espn.

I would recommend lowering DeVarro Greaves from a 78 to a low 70's rating. He's a rs senior and has never really done much aside from playing on special teams.

Starting OLB Will Lucas should be bumped up to the mid 70's or so.

After replacing LOLB Ezenwa with MLB Gilliam, move MLB Antwon Higgs to LOLB as a backup to Lucas and ahead of Judd.

Carlino should be the main backup at MLB behind Beckford.

CB: Ricardo Allen needs a major boost, he's arguably our best player. As a true freshman last season, he was named freshman all-american 2nd team by rivals and scout and 2nd team all-big ten by the media and honorable mention all-big ten by the coaches. He should be a high 80's rating.

Charlton Williams should probably be lowered a couple of rating points or so and Eargle bumped up a couple.

Great job on Purdue's roster, and after you make these changes it will be about as accurate as possible.

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Purdue depth chart 10/19/2011

Post by orangecyanide on Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:22 pm

updated depth chart 10/19/2011

WR 4 O.J. Ross, So., 5-10, 192, Ormond Beach, Fla.
6 Gary Bush, So., 6-0, 175, Miami, Fla.

WR 13 Antavian Edison, Jr., 5-11, 175, Fort Myers, Fla.
83 Kurt Lichtenberg, 5th, 6-1, 185, Warrenville, Ill

LT 68 Dennis Kelly, Sr.., 6-8, 306, Chicago Heights, Ill.
54 Jack De Boef, 6-7, 284, Penn Furnace, Pa.

LG 67 Peters Drey, Jr., 6-6, 310, Mobile, Ala.
56 Eric McDaniel, So., 6-5, 285, Calhoun, Ga.

C 76 Rick Schmeig, Jr., 6-3, 320, Cincinnati , Ohio
67 Peters Drey, Jr., 6-6, 310, Mobile, Ala

RG 62 Nick Mondek, Sr., 6-5, 307, Naperville, Ill.
63 James Shepherd, 5th., 6-7, 315, Croft on, Ky.

RT 78 Trevor Foy, So., 6-7, 287, Louisville, Ky.
51 Justin Kitchens, 6-4, 275, Warner Robins, Ga.

TE 86 Gabe Holmes, 6-5, 247, Mirimar, Fla.
82 Crosby Wright, Jr., 6-3, 248, Carbondale, Ill.

WR 2 Justin Siller, 5th, 6-4, 215, Detroit, Mich.
3 Waynelle Gravesande, 5th, 6-0, 192, Irvington, N.J.
or 12 Tommie Thomas, Jr., 6-1, 195, Robbins, Ill.

QB 19 Caleb TerBush, Jr., 6-5, 225, Metamora, Ill.
9 Robert Marve, 5th, 6-1, 211, Tampa, Fla.

RB 23 Ralph Bolden, Jr., 5-9, 190, Folkston, Ga.
24 Akeem Shavers, Jr., 5-11, 203, Texarkana, Texas
33 Reggie Pegram, Fr., 5-10, 222, Terrell, Texas


DE 2 Gerald Gooden, 5th, 6-4, 235, Hooks, Texas
49 Adam Brockman, 5th, 6-3, 265, Lebanon, Ind.

NG 93 Kawann Short, Jr., 6-3, 310, East Chicago, Ind.
55 Brandon Taylor, So., 6-1, 280, Aventura, Fla.

DT 90 Bruce Gaston, So., 6-2, 303, Chicago, Ill.
61 Ryan Isaac, So., 6-5, 266, Michigan City, Ind.

DE 99 Ryan Russell, R-Fr., 6-5, 264, Carrolton, Texas
89 Jalani Phillips, Fr., 6-4, 255, Warner Robbins, Ga.

LB 30 Joe Holland, 5th, 6-1, 229, Indianapolis, Ind.
18 Nnamdi Ezenwa, Jr., 6-2, 225, Acworth, Ga.

LB 3 Dwayne Beckford, Jr., 6-1, 228, Irvington, N.J.
47 Chris Carlino, Sr., 6-2, 226, Fishers, Ind.

LB 45 Will Lucas, So., 5-11, 226, Lakeland, Fla.
39 Joe Gilliam, R-Fr. 6-1, 211, Indianapolis, Ind.

CB 21 Ricardo Allen, So., 5-9, 176, Daytona Beach, Fla.
15 Charlton Williams, 5th, 6-2, 197, Tamarac, Fla.

SS 35 Logan Link, 5th, 6-1, 208, West Liberty, Ohio
44 Landon Feichter, R-Fr., 6-0, 178, Fort Wayne, Ind.

FS 32 Albert Evans, Sr., 6-0, 208, Gary, Ind.
34 Max Charlot, Jr., 6-0, 190, Corona, Calif.

CB 28 Josh Johnson, Jr., 5-11, 195, Dade City, Fla.
1 Normondo Harris, So., 6-0, 180, Miami, Fla.
or 10 Mike Eargle, Sr., 6-0, 170, Elizabeth, N.J.

Special Teams

Punter 42 Cody Webster, So., 6-1, 205, Harrisburg, Pa.
37 Carson Wiggs, Sr., 6-0, 192, Grand Prairie, Texas

Placekicker 37 Carson Wiggs, Sr., 6-0, 192, Grand Prairie, Texas
36 Robert Harris, So., 6-0, 205, Columbia, Tenn.
or 43 Sam McCartney, Fr., 6-4, 183, West Lafayette, Ind.

Kickoffs 37 Carson Wiggs, Sr., 6-0, 192, Grand Prairie, Texas
36 Robert Harris, So., 6-0, 205, Columbia, Tenn.
or 43 Sam McCartney, Fr., 6-4, 183, West Lafayette, Ind.

Long Snapper 50 Jesse Schmitt , R-Fr., 6-2, 225, Louisville, Ky. (Punts)
or 46 Kevin Ballinger, 5th, 6-3, 182, Bluff ton, Ind. (FG/PAT)

Holder 42 Cody Webster, So., 6-1, 205, Harrisburg, Pa.
83 Kurt Lichtenberg, 5th, 6-1, 185, Warrenville, Ill.

Kick Returns 4 O.J. Ross, So., 5-10, 192, Ormond Beach, Fla.
8 Raheem Mostert, 5-11, 180, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Punt Returns 3 Waynelle Gravesande, 5th, 6-0, 192, Irvington, N.J.
21 Ricardo Allen, So., 5-9, 176, Daytona Beach, Fla

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Re: Purdue Depth Chart

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