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SDSU Completed Rosters

Post by Aztec4life on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:13 pm

Here are the completed rosters for SDSU. Transfers/left team, position changes and number changes have been taken into account when making this roster.

QB #14 - Ryan Lindley
QB#12 - Jake Bernards
QB#16 - Ryne Clark
QB#10 - Chad Jefferies (true freshman)
*Add: QB#15 Adam Dingwell (RS. Fr., will be 2nd or 3rd string. Rating: 73-75ish) 6'4 195
* Dingwell is the 2nd best QB and future starter once Lindley leaves. He is rather fast and athletic. Would put speed/acceleration about 75 and agility in low 70s. He is a white guy. Has a pretty good arm and touch. He is much better than bernards but they have bernards rated way too high on here but i would leave that alone and put Dingwell around 75.

HB#13 – Ronnie Hillman
HB#34 – Walter Kazee
HB#39 – Adam Muema
HB#22 - De’ Saan Hardwick (true freshman)

FB#40 - Chad Young

WR#18- Dominique Sandifer
WR#84 - Dylan Denso
WR#83 - Osmond Nicholas
WR#82 – Jay Waddell (5th)
WR#19 – David Lamar (not real #, his real #40 is already taken)
WR#41 – Marcus Russell (will be wearing #81)
WR#81 – Larry Clark (change number to anything, not 81) True Freshman
WR#80 - Paul Pitts (true freshman)
WR#86 – Ezell Ruffin (Rs-Fr not So.) **Should be rated atleast 3rd best wr on team, he is a starter)

TE#88 – Gavin Escobar
TE#85 – DJ Shields
TE#87 – Bryce Quigley
*Add: #7 Alston Umuolo 6'4 250. Change CB#7 Derek Mack to a different number since alston is a SR captain and previous starter. Was a project draft pick but didnt play last year due to injury before the season started. He is a rather strong TE. Athletics but not that fast. (high 70's low 80's maybe) Good hands, smart and experienced, strong and good blocker)

LT#60 – Tommie Draheim
LT#66 – Riley Gauld (RS-Jr)

LG#74 - Mike Matamua (2nd string LG)
LG#65 -Japeth Gordon (3rd string LG)
LG#75 - not on team anymore. Use this body to create a player from the list above.

C#71 - Alec Johnson
C#53 - Emilio Rivera (move to Starting LG..need to improve ratings so he is a point above Matamua)

RG#68 - Nik Embernatte
RG#51 - Jimmy Miller (move to 2nd string Center)
RG#70 - Juan Roman

RT#79 - Kurtis Gunterh
RT#73 - no longer on team. use body to create Garrett Corbett#67. 6'5 270. RS-Fr. Rating is fine.

LE#49 – JJ Autele
LE#59 – Jordan Thomas
LE#48 – no longer on team. Change to: LE#98 Cody Galea Rs. Fr. 6'3 240, white.

RE# 93 – Larry Gibbs
RE#95 – No longer on team. Change to Everett Beed #92. 6'3 225 Rs.-Fr. black.

DT#55 – no longer on team. Change to #96 Kenny Galea'i. RS.Fr. Drop Rating a few pts
DT#94 – Jerome Long (1st string)
DT#91 – Freddie Trujilo (change to RE 2nd string)
DT#97 – Dontrell Onuoha (Rs-fr) 3rd string

LOLB#31 – Logan Ketchum
LOLB#37 – Vaness Harris (change to ROLB 3rd string)
LOLB#33 – No longer on team. Change to 2nd string MLB#56 Jake Fely 5'10 205 Soph.
*Jake fely got a lot of playing time last year but had a serious injury mid season. Something like a lacerate liver. So he sat but is expected to be the starter or 2nd in rotation behind rob andrews. He is a short player but the size is very deceiving. He is very tenacious, quick, strong and great tackler. Speed should be around 75-78.

MLB#44 – Rob Andrews
MLB##36 – Nick Tenhaeff (move to LOLB 2nd string)
MLB#46 – Jacob Driver (3rd string MLB)
MLB#50 – Chris Gordert (horrible player. IDK how he got on here lol)

ROLB# 9- Miles Burris
ROLB#54 – Demetrius Barksdale (boost rating 1 pt so he stays at 2nd string ahead of V. Harris)

CB#2 – Leon McFadden
CB#12 – Josh Wade
CB#29 – Larry Parker
CB#24 – Colin Lockett
CB#35 – King Holder RS-Fr.
CB#21 – Mahbu Keels RS-fr.
CB#7 – Derek Mack
CB#4 – Romeo Horn

FS#41 – Khalid Stevens (#1 aztec)
FS#39 – Rene Siluano (#2 Aztec)
FS#34 – JJ Whitaker (out for the season) Change to: FS#27 Eric Pinkins 6’3 200 Soph. (boost rating to 61)

SS#11 - Brandon Davis (#1 warrior)
SS#26 - Marcus Andrews (#2 warrior)
SS#20 – Nat Berhe (boost rating, probably awareness since he started last year) (#1 warrior)
SS#6 – Gabe Lemon (#2 warrior)
*All 4 of these guys have starting experience. Behre, lemon and Andrews are young and athletics. Lemon and Behre are rated wayyyy too low. IDK if you adjust ratings but These are probably 2 of the most under rated players on here. Both are starts and/or get a ton of plays in each game. Behre is the #1 warrior. So #1 or #2 on the SS depth chart.

K#38 - Able Perez
P#14 - Brian Stahovich

Depth Chart:

Qb: lindley, bernard, Dingwell
RB: Hilman, Kazee, Muema
FB: Chad Young
WR:Sandifer, Ruffin, Russell
WR:Denso, Nicholas, waddell
TE: Escobar, Shields, Umuolo, Quigley
LT: Draheim, Gauld
LG: Rivera, Matamua
C: Johnson, Miller
RG: Embernatte, Roman
RT: Gunther, Corbett

LE: Autele, Thomas, Galea
DT:Long, Galea'i, Onuoha
RE:Gibbs, Trujilo, Beed
LOLB: Ketchum, Tenhaeff
MLB: Andrews, Fely, Driver
ROLB: Burris, Barksdale
CB: McFadden, Holder, keels, Horn
CB: Wade, Parker, Lockett, Horn
SS(Aztec): Stevens, Siluano, Pinkins
FS(warrior): Davis, Andrews
FS(warrior): Berhe, Lemon
K: Perez
P: Stahovich

Players no longer on team:

Players to add:
-TE#7 Alston Umuolo (2nd or 3rd string TE, Sr leader, was a starter but out last year due to injury)
-QB#15 Adam Dingwell (Most likely future starter once lindley leaves, 2nd or 3rd string qb)
-RT#67 Garrett Corbett (2nd string RT, RS-Fr.)
-LE#98 Cody Galea (RS-Fr.) will see a lot of PT this year
-RE#92 Everett Beed (RS-Fr.) will see a lot of PT this year
-DT#96 Kenny Galea'i (Rs-Fr.) 2nd or 3rd string DT
-MLB#56 Jake Fely (So.) Will be #1 or #2 MLB along side Rob Andrews
-FS#27 Eric Pinkins (So.) great potential but didnt play last year due to suspension.

*EA has 69 players for sdsu. Which leaves 1 spot until the 70 player limit. 7 of them are no longer on the team and I just listed the 8 most deserving players to be on the game since they will all be getting playing time, if not starting. So that make 70 players which is perfect.

Position Changes:
-C#53 Emilio Rivera is the starting LG in real life.
-RG#51 Jimmy Miller is 2nd string Center.
-DT#91 Freddie Trujilo is actually a RE. 2nd-3rd String.
-LOLB#37 Vaness Harris is a ROLB. 3rd String.
-MLB#36 Nick Tenhaeff is a LOLB. 2nd string.

*here is a little info. I dont know if it means much for you but Rocky Long runs the defense a bit differently. There are really no set starters. the #1 and #2 strings rotate every 3 to 4 plays. So at the end of the year, the 2nd string defense has played just about the same amount of plays as the 1st string. So there really shouldnt be any super low ratings for 2nd string defense since we returned everyone from the 2nd string and only lost 3-4 from the 1st string.

*Ezell Ruffin #86 who is last on the wr depth chart according to the game will be a starter next season from day 1 and is a future star. We lost two big time WR's from last year but we have a few young players (ruffin, waddell more importantly) who have the potential to be bigger players once they reach their maturity. Sandifer (x), Denso (slot), Ruffin (z)

*The LG spot is open for battle since last years LG moved to C to replace the Center we lost from last year. Rivera is the most likely starter at LG. Matamua is the guy competing with him.

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