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New Mexico Completed Rosters

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New Mexico Completed Rosters

Post by Aztec4life on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:53 pm

Here are the completed rosters. Transfers, position changes, number changes and departures are a part of this. If any new news comes up let me know and I will adjust it needed be.

QB#11 – Stump Godfrey
QB#12 – B.R. Holbrook
QB#7 – Dustin Walton (Change # to 10) True Freshman
QB#8 – Tarean Austin
QB#10 – No longer on team (Brad Gruner) *use to create QB Zachary Dancel
*ADD: QB/ATH Zachary Dancel (True Freshman) 6'0 195 (4.6 40yrd, athletic QB) white skin

RB#13 – James Wright
RB#21 – Kasey Carrier
RB#33 – No longer on team (Andrew Gutierrez) *Use to create CB#24 Destry Berry 5'9 177 Jr
RB#35 – Brandon Lewis
*WR#4 Demarcus Rogers moved to RB

FB#37 – Chris Biren

WR#84 – Ty Kirk
WR#85 – Quintell Solomon
WR#9 – Michael Scarlett
WR#81 – Lamaar Thomas (Change # to 7)
WR#4 – Demarcus Rogers (Move to 3rd string RB)
WR#3 – Martize Barr (moved to 2nd string SS)
WR#82 – Jeric Magnant (Change # to 87)
WR#20 – Deon Long
*CB#2 Emmanuel McPhearson moved to WR

TE#97 – Lucas Reed
TE#89 – Andrew Aho
TE#80 – no longer on team (jonathen mader) *Use to Create Zach Boerboom
TE#14 – no longer on team (Brad Miller) * Use to create LOLB Harvello Buie (Adjust Ratings)
*Add: Zach Boerboom 6’4 235 True Freshman

LT#75 – Jon Washington (move to 2nd string RT)
LT#72 – no longer on team (Brian Wightman) *Use to create Korian Chambers
*ADD: Korian Chambers #68 6’6 322 Jr (Starting LT)
*RT#64 (Mason) Moved to 2nd string LT

LG#61 – Calvin McDowney
LG#66 – LaMar Bratton (Rs.-Fr)

C#63 – Dillon Farrell
C#62 – Tomas Rodriguez (Soph)

RG#79 – Mike Muniz
RG#70 – No longer on team (matthew Johnson) ***Open Body***
* DT#67 Mat McBain 6’4 270 Soph moved to RG

RT#71 – Darryl Johnson
RT#64 – J.V. Mason (Soph) (Move to 2nd String LT)
RT#78 – Earl Johnson (RS-Fr)
*LT#75 (Washington) moved to 2nd string RT

DEFENSE – 4-2-5 (MLB & ROLB are starters. FS1, SS1 & SS2 are starters)

LE#88 – No Longer on Team (Jonathan Rainey) * Use to create Desmond Hollin
LE#96 – No longer on team (JJ Hugine) ***Open Body***
LE#90 – Jacori Greer (2nd string RE)
*ROLB#44 Joe Harris Moved to Starting LE
* RE#60 Jake Carr moved to 2nd string LE
*ADD: Desmond Hollin 6’3 235 true freshman

RE#48 – Jaymar Latchison
RE#60 – Jake Carr (2nd string LE)
RE#57 – Mark Hunter
*LE#90 Jacori Greer moved to 2nd string RE

DT#49 – Ugo Uzodinma (3rd on depth)
DT#91 – Brett Kennedy (1st on depth)
DT#99 – No Longer on team (Calvin Smith) *Use to create Fatu Ulale
DT#92 – Reggies Ellis (2nd on depth)
DT#67 – Matt McBain (moved to RG) change to Soph
*ADD: Fatu Ulale 6’2 270 Jr

LOLB#46 – Spencer Merritt (Move to 3rd String MLB)
LOLB#41 – Dallas Bollema (move to 2nd string MLB)
LOLB#18 – Javarie Johnson (Move to 2nd String ROLB)
*ADD: Tevin Newman 6'1 190 True Freshman (any # for now)
*ADD: Harvellow Buie 6'3 195 True Freshman (any # for now)

MLB#58 – Carmen Messina (starter)
MLB#55 – Toby Ball (RS-Fr, not Soph)
MLB#50 – no longer on team (james Montgomery) *Use to create LOLB Tevin Newman
*LOLB#41 (Bollema) Moved to 2nd string MLB)
*LOLB#46 (Merritt) Moved to 3rd string MLB)

ROLB#39 – Joe Stoner (Starter)
ROLB#44 – Joe Harris (move to starting LE)
ROLB#38 – Zach Daugherty (Rs-Fr, not soph)
*LOLB#18 (Johnson) Moved to 2nd string ROLB

CB#6 – Anthony Hooks (starter)
CB#2 – Emmanuel McPhearson (moved to WR)
CB#29 – DeShawn Mills (Starter)
CB#27 - Jamarr Lyles
CB#23 – Devonta Tabannnah (true freshman) (3rd to 4th on depth)
CB#26 – Chance Aven
CB#31 – Dante Caro
ADD: Destry Berry #24 5'9 177 jr (3rd to 4th on depth)

FS#34 – A.J. Butler (Starting S)
FS#5 – No longer on Team (Ravonne Carter) *use to create SS DeShon Marman
FS#30 – Matt Raymer

SS#28 – Bubba Forrest (Starting S)
SS#17 – Freddy Young (3rd to 4th on depth)
*ADD: DeShon Marman (Starting S) 5’11 195 Jr
*WR#3 Martize Barr moved to SS (3rd to 4th on depth)

K#12 – James Aho
K#87 – Garrett Hentrup

P#35 – Ben Skaer

TOTAL Players: 67
Room for 3 new players...TBD

Top recruits(incoming Freshman) that aren't in the game:
3* WR Daniel Adams 6'3 200 (offers from: WVU, UV, Illi, Marshall)
3* RB Crusoe Gongbay 6'1 190 (4.5 40yrd) new Mex was his only offer
3* CB Zoe Williams 5'10 190 (4.58 40yrd) offers from: missouri, memphis, UTEP, Tulsa

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Re: New Mexico Completed Rosters

Post by gator3guy on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:30 pm

QB Tarean Austin needs a boost. Enough to at least be second string. Three star recruit out of Florida last year.

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Re: New Mexico Completed Rosters

Post by jsam51 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:41 pm

QB Stump Godfrey has asked for and received his release.

QB/ATH 16 Detchauz Wray RS-FR 5-11 172 from Illinois

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Re: New Mexico Completed Rosters

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