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Overall Freshmen Ranking System.....??'s

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Overall Freshmen Ranking System.....??'s

Post by flimbaugh on Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:52 pm

Though I would start this just to see what others think
In general what do you think a 5* kid should be ranked vs a 4* kid and a 3*.

My Opinoin is :
According to lets just go with Espn, last year there were only 14 5* players, rivals and the other sites have about the same #. The elite recruites comming out...What should be the scale on these guys?

5* 79--85(RARE)Overall...IMO....we are talking about the 10-20 top players in the nation comming out of High school. There are clear cut 5*'s on this years game rated 74 Overall. When you recruite a 5* in dynasty what are the ave overalls you get 78-85...

4* There are tons of these the espn top 150 is all 4*'s cept for the above 14 but lets just focus on say the top 10 of each Poss. These are the best players in the nation at the Poss and probly only 1, 5* in the bunch at the most 2 per poss. The rest of the top 10 are just a grade below the 5*'s and should be ranked.

So = 4* Top 10 by Poss 75-79 overall
All other 4*'s should fall in the 70-75 range and I feel that is a little injustice to them.

3*'s are 70 and below...

Lets look a yearly gains in NCAA 11 you could expect a 3-5 point jump on ave a year from most players...thats a star to have a true 5* grade out to a 74 or something is killing the purpose of him being a 5* kid heck there are 3*'s that are just as good on this years game...

Just discouraging at times when your team has a huge haul and a top 5 class and you can't wait for 12 to drop so you can see the beast your team is going to have and the top 5* recruit is a 74 overall and the beast RB you got is a 73 and some mid-grade 3/4* kid on the team is ranked higher than them both. You get the #4 QB in the land and he pans out a 72. The goal is not to get the fav team all the beast it's to get some kind of consitancy and order in putting a overall value on these guys no matter what team they play for.....anyone know how EA comes up with this system of ranking players....they are a multi-million dollar company and I think the could do better with the rosters. I love the game and EA does a great job but true gammers want realistic sim ball and rosters.....thats why we play.....i guess we are going to buy the game anyway so they spend time luring in new buyers with the whofla pretty comercial stuff....(OK OK End Rant) If i balled off line i could make my rosters right and would not rant about it but i play on TSO and we depend on great people like luvtotha9s and his crew to come up with rosters that are very close to correct so we can start our OD's.......thanks a ton for what you do.

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Re: Overall Freshmen Ranking System.....??'s

Post by luvtotha9s on Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:01 pm

You are welcome....I'll try to get everything just exactly perfect....I started this forum to get direct feedback from college football's finest fans and give as much info as you want to give, the more in depth the better

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Re: Overall Freshmen Ranking System.....??'s

Post by dxhhhped on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:14 pm

flimbaugh...I think the rating system looks really good for this year's freshman class. i would second this idea for reranking those on this year's game and the ones that will be added during roster corrections. nice work.
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Re: Overall Freshmen Ranking System.....??'s

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