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True Freshmen LBs

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True Freshmen LBs

Post by Palo20 on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:25 am

True Freshmen LB Default Ratings


--The top LB Curtis Grant is not on the default rosters. Rivals sees him as one of the very top players in the nation regardless of position and I think he should be an 80-81 OVR. Some suggested ratings for Grant, in line with the other LBs:

SPD: 84 AGI: 81 ACC: 91 STR: 75 AWR: 55 TAK: 86 POW: 89 PWR: 63 FIN: 68 BSH: 84 PUR: 86 PRC: 74 MAN: 66 ZONE: 70

--Not sure if that is Steve Edmond of Texas on the default roster. Weight is off from Rivals listed weight. Ratings are odd too. His ratings seem like that of a pass rushing OLB more than a MLB prospect: He's the top LB in POW, FIN, and BSH.

--Lawrence Thomas of Michigan St and Tre Madden of USC look like future studs based off the default ratings.

--Brent Calloway needs RB ratings; he may play there this year. Also could use an AGI boost.

--MLBs in Red

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