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Oklahoma State Fall Media Guide Depth Chart

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Oklahoma State Fall Media Guide Depth Chart

Post by Jaydub918 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:12 pm

3 Brandon Weeden (6-4; 218; Sr; Edmond, OK)
10 Clint Chelf (6-1; 192; So; Enid, OK)

1 Joseph Randle (6-1; 191; So; Wichita, KS)
31 Jeremy Smith (5-10; 205; So; Tulsa, OK)

30 David Paulsen (6-3; 250; Jr; Marietta, GA)
9 Kye Staley (5-10; 213; Jr; Guthrie, OK)

84 Hubert Anyiam (6-0; 202; Sr; Garland, TX)
82 Isaiah Anderson (5-10; 178; Jr; Wichita Falls, TX)

25 Josh Cooper (5-11; 195; Sr; Mustang, OK)
83 Colton Chelf (5-9; 178; Sr; Enid, OK)

87 Tracy Moore (6-1; 233; Jr; Tulsa, OK)
14 Justin Horton (6-3; 245; Jr; Henderson, TX)
17 Charlie Moore (6-2; 198; So; Bullard, TX)

81 Justin Blackmon (6-1; 215; Jr; Ardmore, OK)
7 Michael Harrison (6-1; 211; So; Atlanta, TX)

75 Nick Martinez (6-4; 310; Sr; Floresville, TX)
61 Michael Bowie (6-4; 310; Jr; Sand Springs, OK)

70 Jonathan Rush (6-4; 305; Sr; Killeen, TX)
51 Brandon Webb (6-3; 315; So; Owasso, OK)

74 Grant Garner (6-3; 292; Sr; Mesquite, TX)
64 Casey LaBrue (6-3; 280; Sr; Enid, OK)

68 Lane Taylor (6-3; 310; Jr; Arlington, TX)
77 Gerron Anthony (6-3; 305; RFr; Tyler, TX)
60 Evan Epstein (6-3; 285; Jr; McKinney, TX)

73 Levy Adcock (6-6; 322; Sr; Claremore, OK)
71 Parker Graham (6-7; 291; So; Webb City, MO)
58 Daniel Koenig (6-6; 290; RFr; Cape Coral, FL)

99 Richetti Jones (6-3; 260; Sr; Dallas, TX)
80 Cooper Bassett (6-5; 275; Jr; Tuttle, OK)

72 Christian Littlehead (6-3; 305; RFr; Tahlequah, OK) -or-
94 Anthony Rogers (6-3; 284; So; N. Little Rock, AR)

89 Nigel Nicholas (6-3; 285; Jr; Rossville, GA)
98 Davidell Collins (6-5; 266; So; Bearden, AR)

50 Jamie Blatnick (6-3; 265; Sr; Celina, TX)
96 Ryan Robinson (6-4; 242; Jr; Buford, GA)

11 Shaun Lewis (5-11; 220; So; Missouri CIty, TX)
22 James Thomas (5-11; 215; Sr; La Marque, TX)

45 Caleb Lavey (6-3; 231; So; Celina, TX)
40 Tyler Johnson (6-1; 240; So; Haskell, OK)
33 LeRon Furr (6-3; 233; So; Columbus, GA)

29 Joe Mitchell (6-3; 215; So; Katy, TX)
32 Kris Catlin (6-1; 218; Fr; San Antonio, TX)
37 Alex Elkins (6-3; 225; Jr; Keller, TX)

19 Brodrick Brown (5-8; 185; Jr; Houston, TX)
18 Devin Hedgepeth (5-11; 190; So; Derby, KS)

10 Markelle Martin (6-1; 198; Sr; Wichita Falls, TX)
2 Lavocheya Cooper (6-0; 187; So; Arp, TX)
23 Zack Craig (6-2; 195; So; Spring Branch, TX)

12 Johnny Thomas (5-11; 205; Sr; Texas City, TX)
8 Daytawion Lowe (6-0; 195; So; Midwest City, OK)
28 Deion Imade (5-11; 191; So; Rowlett, TX)

4 Justin Gilbert (6-0; 205; So; Huntsville, TX)
16 Andrae May (5-11; 180; Jr; Houston, TX)

Special Teams
13 Quinn Sharp (6-1; 189; Jr; Mansfield, TX)
59 Michael Reichenstein (6-4; 207; So; Dallas, TX)

13 Quinn Sharp (6-1; 189; Jr; Mansfield, TX) -or-
90 Bobby Stonebraker (6-0; 175; RFr; Tuttle, OK)

25 Josh Cooper (5-11; 195; Sr; Mustang, OK)
83 Colton Chelf (5-9; 178; Sr; Enid, OK)

12 Johnny Thomas (5-11; 205; Sr; Texas City, TX)
4 Justin Gilbert (6-0; 205; So; Huntsville, TX)

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After recent Scrimmage

Post by Jaydub918 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:40 pm

My best guess shakes out like this, (though I know it's formatting is horrible and not super helpful, I plan to edit it later to be more useful.) Also, the official depth chart I posted doesn't list upperclassmen's redshirt status. I will add that info at some point. Sorry I haven't yet.

QB - #3 Brandon Weeden (rsSR)
#10 Clint Chelf (rsSO) - Probably a bit too overrated. Which is hard for the homer in me to say.
#4 JW Walsh (6-1 195 FR Denton, TX) - Game has listed as #10, but #4 is Justin Gilbert's number too. So, c'est la vie.
#8 Johnny Deaton is transferring to Div II Northeastern State. Could probably move him to SS, create Daytawion Lowe, not even have to change numbers.

HB - #1 Joseph Randle - Faster of the top two RBs with good hands. Most catches of all RBs in the Big 12 not named DeMarco Murray last year.
#31 Jeremy Smith (rsSO) - Despite his size, really tough runner. Strong, north-south type. Should probably reverse his and Randle's speed, but up his BTK, STR, etc.
#23 Herschel Sims - Size is a bit off. I think he's underrated, but that's probably homerism.
#26 Desmond Roland - Game has him as #17. ATH with great hands. Some projected him to be a WR. Some ball security issues plus the depth may buy him a redshirt year.

FB - #9 Kye Staley (rsJR) - Great story. Former #1 HS player in Oklahoma. Recruited as a HB. Tore up his knee, but has rejoined the team after two seasons away from football. Powerful runner who has probably lost a step since the injury. Great athlete, played some QB in HS. Should change #33 FB into him.
#30 David Paulsen - Huge blocker who has been a bit banged up this fall. That as much as anything is why Staley is atop the depth chart. Many think Paulsen will regain the spot in time.

WR - #81 Justin Blackmon. All-world wideout. Won the Biletnikoff. As such, I believe should be top rated wideout in the game (as he is on default roster).
#7 Michael Harrison - A Blackmon-esque receiver. Watching him play, he probably deserves a little bump (esp. speed)
#88 Kevin Johnson

IR - #87 Tracey Moore - Big physical recveiver, pretty accurately rated.
#17 Charlie Moore - Not in game

IR - #25 Josh Cooper - Overshadowed by Blackmon, but underrated on the game. A top 10 receiver in the conference. Better than Torres at Texas Tech.
#5 Josh Stewart - Not on the game. #5 on the game is Chris Dinkins, who moved to OLB, then left the team due to severe migraines. Convert him, I suppose, as coaches cannot stop raving about Stewart. 5-10 170 FR Denton, TX
#83 Colton Chelf - Not in game.

WR - #84 Hubert Anyiam - 37.5 in vertical leap, runs a 4.4. Was our leading receiver the year Dez had dinner with Deion. Very physically gifted, has trouble with drops though.
#82 Isiah Anderson - Fastest receiver on team.
#15 Isaac McCoy - Kind of an Isiah Anderson-type. I believe he's #83 (whichever Fr WR is from Arkansas)

Not sure who EA meant #85 to be (Deshawn Franklin?), but he I think more appropriate would be #6 David Glidden 5-9 160 FR Mustang, OK

TE - #14 Justin Horton
#86 Wilson Youman (6-5 245 SR St. Martinville, La)- Also will contribute at DE, rate accordingly.
Change #6 Patrick MacDonald to him.

LT - #61 Michael Bowie - Not in game as noted. Very well could start at LT, moving Nick Martinez to swing tackle/backup everywhere. #62 Javius Townsend has left the team. As such, Michael Bowie is a reasonable person to turn him into.
#75 Nick Martinez - Currently starting LT. Probably a tad bit overrated.
-OR- #71 Parker Graham - Currently backup RT
#76 Eli Dickerson (6-6 308 RS FR The Woodlands, TX) - Not in game. Could probably turn #72 (who is supposed to be Devin Davis) into him. Not really a huge impact change either way.

LG - #70 Jonathan Rush
#51 Brandon Webb - Currently backup RG
#66 Travis Cross - #76 3rd string RT on game.

#93 is Patrick Hoog, who left the team. Your call whether to turn him into #58 Daniel Koenig 6-6 290 RS FR Cape Coral, FL or use the #58 on the team, who appears to be Koenig but the wrong class, position, etc.

C - #74 Grant Garner
#64 Casey LaBrue
#54 Jake Jenkins -Not in game.

RG - #68 Lane Taylor
#75 Nick Martinez
-OR- #77 Gerron Anthony - Currently 3rd string RG

RT - #73 Levy Adcock - Bad job EA. He's the best lineman on the team, many say best RT in conference, maybe even best lineman in conference (cannot link, otherwise would support these claims.) He's also a pass blocker, rather than run blocker who did not allow a sack last year.
#75 Nick Martinez
-OR- #58 Daniel Koenig, who's situation I alluded to above.

RE - #50 Jamie Blatnick - Now benches over 500lbs. Strengths probably too low.
#96 Ryan Robinson - Maybe this is who EA was going for with #96. He is wrong size, class, etc.
#86 Wilson Youman - Probably fits in the depth chart about here.
#92 Jimmy Bean - Listed as #47 in game. No dreads.

DT - #72 Christian Littlehead - Not in game. Can change #97 Diamonte Wheeler into him. Increase ratings to mid 70 overall.
#94 Anthony Rogers
#93 Maurice Hayes - Not in game.

DT - #89 Nigel Nicholas - recruited as TE originally. Our best DT at this point. No dreads.
#91 James Castleman - Not in game, though #95 is supposed to be Ashaad Mabry who has left the team. So, make him into Castleman. Castleman is a high motor guy and the coaches love him. May start by years end.
#90 Joe Okafor - Listed as backup RE, put on some weight, now at DT. Can really move though.

LE - #99 Richetti Jones - absolute beast. Also benches over 500lbs now (our strength and conditioning coach with Boone Pickens-funded facilities does wonders). The better pass rusher of the two starting ends.
#80 Cooper Bassett - Listed as starting DT. Former TE, so probably should have some CTH and SPD.
#98 Davidell Collins - DT? DE? We shuffle our linemen around.

STAR - #11 Shaun Lewis - #21 player in ESPN's Top 25 players in the Big 12. Underrated. Oklahoma has a LB who hasn't really played for them who is higher rated than Lewis, which is a bit ridiculous. He's listed as starting ROLB, but I guess we'd call our LOLB the STAR. Move and bump.
#22 James Thomas - Current starter at LOLB. Rated pretty fairly.
#27 Lyndell Johnson (6-4 200 FR Plano, TX) - Maybe this is #57 ROLB on the roster. If it isn't, it should be. Lyndell was recruited as a safety, but has the frame to play our hybrid spot. Speed, and lots of it.

#58 is Daniel Koenig. Don't know how you handled it. Either way, you've got an extra player, either him or the OL. Turn him into #37 Alex Elkins.

MLB - #45 Caleb Lavey - strong, instinctive player who reads plays well. Holding off competition for starting job.
#40 Tyler Johnson (6-1 240 SO Haskell, OK) - Not in game. More physically gifted than Lavey. Strong competition for starting MLB spot, which Lavey appears to be winning. Similar overall for Johnson, just faster, close strength, less AWR, PRC. Turn #33 LeRon Furr into him. Furr is leaving the team for medical reasons.
#52 Ryan Simmons (LB 6-1 230 FR Cibolo, TX) - Not convinced he's the #52 in the game. Oh well. No dreads.

ROLB - #37 Alex Elkins - Not in game. Make him from either #58 or #93 O-lineman. About 78 overall. Flies around, big hitter. Coaches describe playing style as "wild" for better or worse.
#29 Joe Mitchell - Rated pretty accurately.
#32 Kris Catlin (LB 6-1 218 FR San Antonio, TX) - Not in game. Turn #48 Tyler Fields into him. Rivals had him as the #20 OLB.

CB - #19 Brodrick Brown
#18 Devin Hedgepeth
#20 Larry Stephens

CB - #4 Justin Gilbert - underrated. Is the fastest player on our team. Ran 10.47 in the 100 in high school. If you go to OSUathletics channel on youtube and find the OSU- Texas A&M game, at about 6:24 you see him show his shiftiness on a return. Or w w w . (without spaces) and see him at the end. He should be about 84/85 overall with good return skills. Should start ahead of Hedgepeth.
#16 Andrae May
#36 Jonovan Griffin (5-11 175 FR McKinney, TX) -OR- #24 Miketavious Jones (5-10 165 FR Houston, TX) neither in game.
#32 is likely #35 Jarrod Fields. Can keep him, but in the long run, better to make one of the younger guys listed above.

FS - #12 Johnny Thomas - returns kicks too
#23 Zack Craig
#3 Isaac Maselera (6-0 180 FR Glenpool, OK) - not in game.

SS - #10 Markelle Martin - #16 player in ESPN's Top 25 players in the Big 12. Considered by many to be the best safety in the conference. Underrated.
#8 Daytawion Lowe (6-0 195 rsSO Midwest City, OK) - not in game, likely because he was hurt last year. Has corner cover skills, but also has pop. 78 or so overall.
#28 Deion Imade - Listed as FS in game. Maybe leave him there.
#2 Lavocheya Cooper should probably stay in the game too, especially with fall depth chart showing him.

Tough to say. We have a lot of young talent in the secondary.

Also, as I'm sure you're aware:
*RS this year - #7 Shamiel Gary who is transferring in from Wyoming. EA still has him at Wyoming.

K/P/KO - #13 Quinn Sharp
K on EA roster - #49 Matt Green. Will likely RS, but doesn't matter with Sharp handling all duties. He played DE in high school, so STR, TAK, etc. should be at least decent. I'm not talking 5 star, but he could've walked on places as DE.

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Re: Oklahoma State Fall Media Guide Depth Chart

Post by Jaydub918 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:57 pm

Not to keep padding the post count, but I didn't know if it would pop up as new in the forum since I was editing my old post. I think it's done. Messy, but done.

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Re: Oklahoma State Fall Media Guide Depth Chart

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