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Official Depth Chart

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Official Depth Chart

Post by the_EDJ on Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:55 pm

Bo Pelini released his "official depth" chart. They rarely update this through the year, it's mainly used to just shut up the media haha.
But for Week 1 at least, it's accurate. And I just want to say that your rosters turned out damn good. I was hoping Jamal Turner was a bit more explosive with mid to low 90's speed, but overall, bravo.
Depth Chart Link

 Wide Receiver (X)  (#84) Brandon Kinnie
 (#83) Stanley Jean-Baptiste
 Left Tackle  (#50) Jermarcus (Yoshi) Hardrick
 (#71) Jeremiah Sirles
 (#79) Brandon Thompson
 Left Guard  (#63) Andrew Rodriguez
 (#77) Seung Hoon Choi
 Center  (#58) Mike Caputo
 (#62) Cole Pensick
 Right Guard  (#61) Spencer Long
 (#68) Jake Cotton
 Right Tackle  (#73) Tyler Moore
 (#78) Marcel Jones
 (#76) Brent Qvale
 Tight End  (#81) Ben Cotton
  - OR -  (#25) Kyler Reed
 (#41) Jake Long
 (#37) Kevin Thomsen
 Wide Receiver (Z)  (#18) Quincy Enunwa
 (#80) Kenny Bell
 (#1) Khiry Cooper
 Wide Receiver (A)  (#6) Tim Marlowe
 (#10) Jamal Turner
 (#80) Kenny Bell
  Quarterback  (#3) Taylor Martinez
 (#15) Brion Carnes
 (#12) Ron Kellogg III
  Fullback  (#48) Tyler Legate
 (#31) C.J. Zimmerer
  I-Back  (#22) Rex Burkhead
 (#Cool Ameer Abdullah
 - OR -  (#5) Braylon Heard
 - OR -  (#2) Aaron Green
 (#28) Austin Jones

 Defensive End  (#9) Jason Ankrah
 - OR -  (#46) Eric Martin
 (#7) Joseph Carter
 Defensive Tackle  (#94) Jared Crick
 (#90) Terrence Moore
 (#97) Chase Rome
 Defensive Tackle  (#55) Baker Steinkuhler
 (#53) Thaddeus Randle
 Defensive End  (#34) Cameron Meredith
 (#98) Josh Williams
 BUCK  (#42) Sean Fisher
 (#45) Alonzo Whaley
 (#38) Graham Stoddard
 MIKE  (#51) Will Compton
 (#43) Trevor Roach
 (#41) David Santos
 WILL  (#4) Lavonte David
 (#36) Mathew May
 (#32) Jim Ebke
 Dime  (#39) Justin Blatchford
 (#23) Lance Thorell
 Left Cornerback  (#17) Ciante Evans
 (#5) Josh Mitchell
 (#10) Dijon Washington
 Safety  (#Cool Austin Cassidy
 (#13) P.J. Smith
 (#6) Corey Cooper
 Safety  (#12) Courtney Osborne
 - OR --  (#3) Daimion Stafford
 (#1) Harvey Jackson
 Right Cornerback  (#15) Alfonzo Dennard
 (#11) Andrew Green
 (#2) Antonio Bell

 Place-Kicker  (#96) Brett Maher
 (#37) Mauro Bondi
 Holder  (#Cool Austin Cassidy
 Punter  (#96) Brett Maher
 (#37) Mauro Bondi
 Long Snapper  (#92) P.J. Mangieri
(#67) Sam Meginnis
Kickoff  (#96) Brett Maher
 - OR -  (#37) Mauro Bondi
 Kickoff Return  To Be Determined
 Punt Return  To Be Determined
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Re: Official Depth Chart

Post by Kniwz_Br5 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:20 pm

So, based on game #1, and Bo's official/unofficial depth chart that usually isn't updated all year Laughing here's what I would use for a Roster/Depth Chart, including Freshman not listed on the 2/3 deep (I'll make their #'s close to the best of what's available)

3 Taylor Martinez
16 Brion Carnes
14 Ron Kellogg III

(Martinez's speed and acceleration are unreal. Speed has to be mid 90's with Acceleration in the upper 90s. Carnes is also fast and elusive, but I wouldn't say higher than mid to upper 80s. Kellogg is proly closer to upper 60s low 70s for speed, but he's a decent thrower.

22 Rex Burkhead
7 Ameer Abdullah
5 Braylon Heard
20 Aaron Green
28 Austin Jones

(All three Fr. RBs should be similar in ratings (IE: Fast, elusive, but not big tackle breakers) while Rex shouldn't be faster than 86-87)

48 Tyler Legate
31 C.J. Zimmerer

Wide Receiver
84 Brandon Kinnie
18 Quincy Enunwa
10 Jamal Turner
6 Tim Marlowe
80 Kenny Bell
83 Stanley Jean-Baptiste
21 Khiry Cooper
87 Taariq Allen

(All 6 of the top guys played a lot Saturday, so they should be close in ratings. Turner and Bell should be fast, and Turner esp. elusive.)

Tight End
81 Ben Cotton
25 Kyler Reed
41 Jake Long

Left Tackle
50 Jermarcus Hardrick
71 Jeremiah Sirles

Left Guard
63 Andrew Rodriguez
79 Brandon Thompson
52 Ryan Klachko

58 Mike Caputo
62 Cole Pensick
56 Mark Pelini

Right Guard
61 Spencer Long
68 Jake Cotton
65 Ryne Reeves

Right Tackle
73 Tyler Moore
78 Marcel Jones
76 Brent Qvale

(All the top 2 guys at Guard and Tackle should have similar ratings, as the race for those spots was real close in camp, and will proly change throughout the season. I wouldn't go higher than 82-85 tops.)


Right Defensive End
34 Cameron Meredith
98 Josh Williams

Left Defensive End
9 Jason Ankrah
46 Eric Martin
70 Joseph Carter

(Carter and Martin are close in ratings, but trail Ankrah. They are more pass rushers than Ankrah, who is smart and strong, but not overly fast (IE: mid to upper 60s for speed). Meredith was nearly unblockable Saturday.)

Defensive Tackle
94 Jared Crick
55 Baker Steinkuhler
90 Terrence Moore
53 Thaddeus Randle
97 Chase Rome
92 Kevin Williams  
Left Outside Linebacker
42 Sean Fisher
45 Alonzo Whaley
38 Graham Stoddard

(Fisher and Whaley should be close in ratings (IE: Upper 70s to low 80s)

Middle Linebacker
51 Will Compton
43 Trevor Roach
40 David Santos

Right Outside Linebacker
4 Lavonte David
36 Mathew May
32 Derek Slaughter
15 Alfonzo Dennard
11 Andrew Green
17 Ciante Evans
39 Justin Blatchford
35 Josh Mitchell
19 Dijon Washington
2 Antonio Bell

(Green and Evans should be similar in ratings)

Free Safety
8  Austin Cassidy
13 P.J. Smith
26 Corey Cooper

Strong Safety
12 Courtney Osborne
30 Daimion Stafford
1 Harvey Jackson

(Osborne and Stafford should be close in ratings. Stafford will proly end up starting in the next couple of games)

96 Brett Maher
37 Mauro Bondi

96 Brett Maher
37 Mauro Bondi

(Maher did all the kicking Saturday, was accurate on all 4 FGs, and showed a strong leg by easily making 51 yard FG into the wind. He also averaged 52 yards on both punts)

Kick Return
7 Ameer Abdullah
6 Tim Marlowe
10 Jamal Turner
20 Aaron Green

Punt Return
7 Ameer Abdullah
10 Jamal Turner
6 Tim Marlowe

Thanks for doing this. I know it has to be tiring. Hope that helps.
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Re: Official Depth Chart

Post by NE77 on Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:10 pm

As a fellow NE fan, I appreciate the updates/roster information! Now I can start a Dynasty with a great roster set. Can't wait for the stinking patch any longer.

Thanks Kniwz_Br5 and Luv!

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Re: Official Depth Chart

Post by the_EDJ on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:58 am

-- WR Kenny Bell and his incredible speed started against Washington. Kinnie looks to be losing reps with his inconsistency catching the ball. However, Kinnie and Enunwa are incredible Run Blockers if you want to up them in category. Enunwa showed great Hit Power too forcing a fumble on a monster hit after an interception early in the season. He has a great stiff arm as well and drove a Washington defender into the ground.

--WR Stanley Jean-Baptiste was moved to CB on Monday. He is expected to challenge for a Nickel or Dime later in the season if you need a reference for his expected skill level at the position. Link

--LG Seung Hoon Choi started at LG versus Washington. He is a mammoth bulldozer and destroyed the Washington interior that had future NFL'er Tamau. Nebraska RB Rex Burkhead was at like 5.5 or 6.5 YPC against a better interior.

--CB Josh Mitchell was the 3rd DB on the field in Nickel looks against Washington replacing Blatchford. Evans/Green would move inside to cover the slot and Mitchell would cover the outside.

--SS Daimion Stafford is now the #1 Strong Safety on the roster. He is a hard hitter, but a work in progress in coverage (awareness). Osborne is a better cover guy, but still a fairly hard hitter.
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Re: Official Depth Chart

Post by the_EDJ on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:53 pm

--Corey Cooper moved from Safety to CB last Monday started at CB on Saturday vs. Wyoming. Unsure of whether he'll stay there or not as a starter.

--Daimion Stafford moved from SS to Nickelback. He's not a true corner though, so it's probably best just to make him the #3 CB on the Depth Chart to reflect the move.
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Re: Official Depth Chart

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