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Penn St. 2012 depth chart

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Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by GoAztecs on Thu May 31, 2012 3:40 pm

QB 11 Matt McGloin 6-1 199 Sr. OR
3 Paul Jones 6-3 245 Soph. OR
1 Robert Bolden 6-3 214 Jr.

RB 25 Silas Redd 5-10 200 Jr.
5 Bill Belton 5-10, 196 Soph.
40 Zach Zwinak 6-1 226 Soph.

FB 9 Mike Zordich 6-1 242 Sr.
45 P.J. Byers 6-0, 254 Sr.

WR 19 Justin Brown 6-3 209 Sr.
81 Shawney Kersey 6-1 199 Jr.

WR 8 Allen Robinson 6-3, 199 Soph.
20 Devon Smith 5-7 147 Sr.

TE 89 Garry Gilliam 6-6 277 Jr.
10 Kevin Haplea 6-4 248 Jr.

LT 58 Adam Gress 6-6 306 Jr.
70 Nate Cadogan 6-5 283 Jr.

LG 65 Miles Dieffenbach 6-3 286 Jr.
66 Angelo Magiro 6-3 287 Soph.

C 54 Matt Stankiewitch 6-3 295 Sr.
60 Ty Howie 6-0 298 Jr.

RG 64 John Urschel 6-3 287 Sr.
75 Eric Shrive 6-6 312 Sr.

RT 76 Donovan Smith 6-5 310 RFr.
78 Mike Farrell 6-6 276 Sr.


DE 59 Pete Massaro 6-4 263 Sr.
18 Deion Barnes 6-4 248 Soph.

DT 47 Jordan Hill 6-1 298 Sr.
93 James Terry 6-3 317 Sr.

DT 91 DaQuan Jones 6-3 317 Jr.
98 Anthony Zettel 6-5 255 Soph.

DE 90 Sean Stanley 6-1 247 Sr.
86 C.J. Olaniyan 6-3 250 Jr.

OLB 6 Gerald Hodges 6-2 233 Sr.
11 Khiari Fortt 6-2 238 Jr.

MLB 40 Glenn Carson 6-3 238 Jr.
54 James Van Fleet 6-0 219 Sr.

OLB Michael Mauti, 6-2 239 Sr.
43 Mike Hull 6-0 213 Jr.

CB 1 Derrick Thomas 6-0 181 Sr.
39 Jesse Della Valle 6-1, 187 Soph. OR
2 Curtis Drake 5-11 173 Sr.

S 4 Adrian Amos 6-0 209 Soph.
7 Stephen Obeng-Agyapong 5-10 201 Jr.

S 10 Malcolm Willis 5-11 205 Sr.
27 Jacob Fagnano 6-0 201 Sr.

CB 12 Stephon Morris 5-8 188 Sr.
14 Mike Wallace 5-9 195 Jr.


PK 30 Anthony Fera 6-2 220 Sr.
97 Sam Ficken 6-3 180 Soph.

P 30 Anthony Fera 6-2 220 Sr.
45 Alex Butterworth 5-10 198 Jr.

KR 19 Justin Brown 6-3 209 Sr.
15 Alex Kenney 6-0 193 Jr.

PR 20 Devon Smith 5-7 147 Sr.
15 Alex Kenney 6-0 193 Jr.


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PSU Depth Chart/ Roster Edits based off OS Rosters

Post by MillerTime89 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:31 am

Penn State Depth Chart/Edits:

1. #11 Matt McGloin
2. #7 Paul Jones
3. #? Steven Bench/ #2 Shane McGregor – I would rate either of these two players slightly above the 70 overall bench point. Preferably, I would add Bench over McGregor.
1. #1 Bill Belton – I would bump up Belton to be slightly better or equal to Dukes’ overall, around the 79-80 overall bench point.
2. #26 Curtis Dukes – Should be second on the depth chart; no issue with his rating.
3. #22 Akeel Lynch
4. #24 Derek Day
5. #40 Zach Zwinak

**I’d remove #36 Deron Thompson to create either #? Steven Bench or #2 Shane McGregor**

1. #9 Mike Zordich – The dude is the heart and soul of the offense; team captain for sure. The 75 overall is a little low for Zordich, I would have him around 83 overall with better running skills (SPD, AGI, ACC, BTK, CAR, etc.)
2. #45 P.J. Byers – I would switch Refice for Byers or remove him from the Penn State roster; I’ve not seen Refice’s name on any depth chart to this point. I would even recommend removing the 2nd fullback position and adding another one of the young freshman WRs coming into the program (WR Trevor Williams to be specific)
1. #8 Allen Robinson – Should be the first WR on the depth chart now that Brown is gone. Robinson should have an overall equal to or slightly greater than 75.
2. #81 Shawney Kersey
3. #15 Alex Kenney
4. #? Eugene Lewis
5. #17 Christian Kuntz
6. #80 Matt Zanellato – I would lower his rating to 70 overall
7. #? Trevor Williams – I would take Refice and switch him to Trevor Williams. I would rate him anywhere from 67-69 overall.
1. #89 Garry Gilliam
2. #87 Kyle Carter
3. #32 Dakota Royer
4. #18 Jesse James
1. #76 Donovan Smith
2. #70 Nate Cadogan
3. #52 Luke Graham
1. #65 Miles Dieffenbach
2. #73 Mark Arcidiacono – I would take Brian Gaia and switch him to Mark Arcidiacono and rate him anywhere from 75-77 overall.
1. #54 Matt Stankiewitch
2. #66 Angelo Mangiro – Switch from LG to C (2nd team center, 3rd string LG)
3. #62 Frank Figueroa – I would take Ty Howle and switch him to Frank Figueroa and rate him anywhere from 70-72 overall.
1. #64 John Urschel – I would rate Urschel around 85-86 overall; he’s our top returning offensive lineman and the best player on the team according to BoB.
2. #75 Eric Shrive
3. #56 Anthony Alosi – Switch from RT to RG and bump overall up to 68-71.

1. #58 Adam Gress – I would rate Gress to be around 79-82 overall.
2. #78 Mike Farrell – Farrell started a few games last year, but on the depth chart he is behind Gress. I would bump up Farrell’s rating to be around 78-81 overall mark. I could see him a Gress flip-flopping at some point
3. #? Anothony Stanko – Switch from RG to RT
1. #90 Sean Stanley
2. #86 C.J. Olaniyan – I would bump up his overall rating to be 75-77.
3. #31 Brad Bars – Should be rated 66-69 overall ahead of Kerner.
4. #48 Jordan Kerner – Switch from RE to LE
1. #58 Pete Massaro
2. #18 Deion Barnes
3. #98 Anthony Zettel
1. #47 Jordan Hill – Should be anywhere from 89-90 overall and in my opinion, behind Hodges, is the 2nd best overall player on the defense.
2. #91 DaQuan Jones – Jones is a hybrid DE playing DT, so his stats should be similar to a DE with the strength of a DT. He is a dynamic player and should be rated 84-85 overall.
3. #93 James Terry
4. #84 Kyle Baublitz

**DT #88 Tyrone Smith should not be on the roster; I would replace him with either DT Brian Gaia (yes, he is on the defensive side of the ball and not on the o-line) 71-73 overall , DT Austin Johnson 68-70 overall, and/or DT Derek Dowrey 66-69 overall.**

1. #6 Gerald Hodges- All-American, enough said; should be 90-92 overall.
2. #43 Mike Hull - ***** Recruit coming out of high school; has plenty of skill and should be closer to 77-79 overall. Was buried in depth chart with a loaded LB group; with the loss of Fortt, he should see plenty of time.
1. #40 Glenn Carson – I would lower Carson’s rating slightly to be more around 85-86 overall
2. #33 Mike Yancich
3. #51 Drew Boyce
1. #42 Michael Mauti
2. #38 Ben Kline – Would make him equal to Wartman’s overall rating.
3. #? Nyeem Wartman – Switch from MLB to ROLB

**#54 James Van Fleet’s name has not been on any depth chart I’ve seen this season; not sure if he graduated or has moved on but I am aware he was a back-up last season. I would use his CAP and for any of the freshman defensive backs CB Malik Golden, FS Jordan Lucas, or SS Jake Kiley.

1. #12 Stephon Morris - Should be 84-85 overall
2. #4 Adrian Amos – Should be 83-84 overall
3. #15 Patrick Flanagan
4. #39 Jesse Della Valle – Should be 76 overall; equal to Flanagan and Pryor.
5. #16 Devin Pryor
6. #14 Mike Wallce
7. #? Malik Golden – Use #54 James Van Fleet’s CAP and create true freshman CB Malik Golden. Would rate him to be 69-70 overall.
1. #10 Malcolm Willis – Should be 84-85 overall; top safety on the team and is one of the better players on the defense
2. #24 Jonathan Duckett ¬¬– Replace FS Ryan Keiser
3. #? Jordan Lucas – Replace FS Kyle Lucas and create true freshman FS Jordan Lucas. Would rate him to be 66-68 overall.
1. #27 Jacob Fagnano – I would raise Fagnano’s rating to be equal to Obeng-Agyapong’s.
2. #7 Stephen Obeng-Agyapong

**Would love to add SS Jake Kiley to the roster. The only player I would suggest to switch would be MLB Drew Boyce; the decision can be made by overall personal preference**

1. #97 Sam Ficken – I would lower his rating to be anywhere from 72-74 overall

1. #45 Alex Butterworth - I would lower his rating to be 71-73 overall.

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by shawb28 on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:14 pm

Updated PSU roster. Numerical order with freshmen numbers and positions.


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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by TroDiddy on Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:45 am

MillerTime89 did an excellent job breaking down the PSU depth chart, but I'd like to add some recommendations and changes due to recent departures.

QB: definitely add Bench instead of McGregor

RB: Lynch could end up being 2nd string at some point, but looks good other wise

FB: unless it is required to have have 2 FBs, I would leave only Zordich

WR: There are 9 WR slots on the default roster. Add Brandon Moseby-Felder and Malik Golden. MillerTime89 has Golden as a CB, but he is going to start his PSU career as a WR

TE: Gilliam is the clear #1. James and Carter are battling for the other starting TE spot. Change Dakota Royer (who left the team) to #83 FR Brent Wilkerson

My OL would break down like this:
LT: Smith, Cadogan
LG: Dieffenbach, Mangiro
C: Stankiewitch, Figueroa, FR Wendy Laurent
RG: Urschel, Shrive, Arcidiacano, Stanko
RT: Grees, Farrell, Alosi
** Note: this is based off reports from Also Graham has left the team.

My DL would break down like this:
LE: Stanley, Olaniyan, Bars or FR #94 Evan Schwan
DT: Hill, Jones, Terry, Baublitz, Dowrey, Gaia
RE: Massaro, Barnes, Zettel

LOLB: Hodges, Hull
MLB: Carson, Yancich, FR #49 Brennan Franklin
ROLB: Mauti, Kline, Wartman
** Note: Van Fleet tore his ACL in the spring and his career is over

Della Valle
FR #3 Da'Quan Davis
FR #1 Jordan Lucas (he is listed as a safety on the official roster, but reports are he is practicing at corner. Also, he will have to be a different number since Belton is also #1)
** Note - Mike Wallace will not play this year due to injury and his career is likely over

FS: Willis & FR #2 Jake Kiley (I have no idea who Duckett is as he is not listed on the current PSU roster)

SS: Starter right now is Obeng-Agyapong with Fagnano 2nd string.

Kicker and Punter are okay

Any feedback is appreciated, but this is my best stab at a depth chart. I included more FR then MillerTime89, but I expect more young players to see PT under O'Brien.

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by shawb28 on Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:50 am

"shawb28 did an excellent job breaking down the PSU depth chart"

I just posted a link to the updated roster. I think you mean MillerTime89. Don't want to take credit for something I didn't do.

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by TroDiddy on Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:14 pm

Ooops. You are right. My apologies to MillerTime89.

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by TroDiddy on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:07 pm

Updates from Training Camp:

WR updates - Evan Lewis (SR) is the current 2nd string slot receiver. (FR) Trevor Williams is seeing time with the 1st string in practice. If you have to choose with FR receivers, I would include Eugene Lewis and Williams. Malik Golden may see time, but he has been slowed by injury.

DT updates - Looks like (FR) Austin Johnson has been seeing 3rd String reps with fellow (FR) Dowry. I have not seen any reports on Gaia.

LB update - (FR) Wartman has been practicing with the 2nd team at MLB. Could just be to get some experience at all LB spots, as he was projected to be an OLB.

DB updates - (FR) Davis and Lucas getting a lot of PT at CB so far in camp due to other injuries. Amos is practicing at CB and S, but projects as a starting CB. Fellow (FR) Kiley also seeing time at S due to injury.

Other notes - Devin Pryor has been practicing as the PR and Evan Lewis as KR. Others in the mix at both return spots such as Eugene Lewis at PR and Akeel Lynch at KR. Butterworth still the 1st Punter, but others competing due to inconsistent performance of Butterworth.

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

Post by TroDiddy on Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:03 pm

Here is Penn State's depth chart for the opener vs. Ohio:

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Re: Penn St. 2012 depth chart

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