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Fairdale Kings rosters

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Fairdale Kings rosters

Post by zoon on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:34 pm

From the Utopia website..

This year will release rosters for NCAA Football ’13 for the XBox 360 to members early. For a small membership fee of $3.99 you can download the rosters as they are completed. For anyone that has access to the EA SPORTS Season Ticket this will ensure that you will have rosters before anyone else. Follow the progress of FAIRDALE KINGS on twitter @FairdaleKings to see the list of teams as they are completed. Your membership also secures your access to the complete roster file once they are finished. This year the rosters will be hosted by a third-party gamertag for access via the EA Locker. Only MEMBERS will have access to the rosters upon the initial release.

For our dedicated members we will also take requests as we receive them and give preference to those teams in the naming process. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please leave me a note after your PayPal transaction is completed notifying me of your team preference. By allowing our members to use the rosters early we hope to eliminate mistakes and spelling errors.

Someone asked me if the rosters will be free....

Yes!!!! My rosters are still FREE. I am allowing members of my site access to download my rosters as I complete them this year. In the past they have had to sit by patiently until I completed naming all 120 division 1-A teams. This year they can download the rosters as I finish them team-by-team. I felt that if someone was willing to pay for this kind of access I would not limit them from using them this weekend... especially with the new EA Sports Season Ticket and the way that people are now paying for APPS, etc. In the past I was always scared that Brian Kaldenberg from would steal my work... but he's stealing it anyway and selling it for $17.97 to anyone that is willing to pay for the EA Locker download. So I figured that I might as well give my supporters some access early, too. In addition, try to re-coup some of my money that I spend on purchasing the game early ($80 for the game & $20 shipping), buying about $60 in preseason magazines (5 Athlon Regional Magazines & Phil Steele) to name the rosters, and the price of my website annually.

My rosters will continue to be FREE to the mass audience... but I also want to give some privileges to those individuals that make a donation. Last year was miserable because I was inundated with Friend Requests and messages from rude and annoying people demanding rosters. Yet, those people that have followed my work for ten years and supported me had to wait until I cleared my inbox. I am trying eliminate people from flooding my FAIRDALE KINGS gamertag so that I can receive messages from my personal connections.


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