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Kent State 2017 Depth Chart

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Kent State 2017 Depth Chart Empty Kent State 2017 Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:17 pm

Kent State Golden Flashes Depth Chart
WR-Z 3 White, Kris RS SR 00 Ross, Donte JR/TR
WR-X 80 Woods, Johnny JR 15 Harrell, Trey SO 86 Tyson, Zaquon RS JR
SLOT 24 James, Raekwon RS JR 84 Price, Kavious SO
LT 70 Millin, Stefano RS JR 64 Gibbs, Bryce RS SO
LG 68 Marinelli, Mike RS SO 47 James, Davonte RS JR/TR
OC 52 Puthoff, Nathan SR 76 Van Hoef, Chase RS SO
RG 59 Shinsky, Connor RS JR 78 Corrigall, Zach RS FR
RT 75 Gregoire, Adam SO 00 Brecht, Eddie FR
TE 82 Malone, Ryan RS SR 8 Butler, Chalfonte RS SO
QB 4 Holley, Nick RS SR 17 Mitchell, Mylik RS SO
RB 11 Rankin, Justin SO 21 Matthews, Will RS SO
LDE 58 Eboigbe, Theodore JR 33 Sommers, Matthew SR
NT 49 Morris, Kalil RS JR 92 Majette, Theo SO
DT 90 Cunningham, Jon SR 98 Hill, Dominic RS SO
LEO 45 Moore, Marques SR 41 Faulkner, Nick RS SO
OLB 22 Jones, Jim JR 29 Bahr, Matt RS JR
MLB 5 Alexander, James SR 32 Hicks, Dalton SO
Apach 31 Peters, Akeam SO 38 Ray, Jae'Vante JR/TR
CB 23 Foster, Jerrell SR 30 Marshall, Darryl JR
SS 16 McRae, Juantez JR 2 Simpson, Erik RS JR
FS 20 Elliott, Marcus SR 10 Robinson, Quan RS JR
CB 21 Monday, Demetrius RS SR 19 Parker, Jamal SO
P 96 Adams, Derek SO
PK 57 Hynes, Shane RS JR
LS 42 Williams, Grant RS SO
H 2 Bollas, George RS JR
PR 86 Tyson, Zaquon RS JR
KR 24 James, Raekwon RS JR
KO 57 Hynes, Shane RS JR

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