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Cincinnati 2017 Depth Chart

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Cincinnati 2017 Depth Chart Empty Cincinnati 2017 Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:21 am

Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart

WR 1 Lewis, Kahlil JR/2 88 Paul, Marcel RS FR
WR 85 Geddis, Thomas SO/1 88 Paul, Marcel RS FR
WR 21 Gray, Devin SR/1 80 Mbodj, Malick RS FR
LT 79 Stout, Ryan JR/1 00 Yager, Blake SO/TR
LG 72 Campbell, Garrett SR/2 54 Minor, Keith RS JR/1
OC 66 Niehaus, David RS SR/2 60 Bycznski, Zach RS FR
RG 64 Steur, Will SR/1 20 Jacobs, Carter SR/3
RT 71 Cunningham, Korey SR/3 52 Armagost, Reed RS SO
TE 18 Cogswell, Tyler RS SR/2 83 Deguara, Josiah RS SO/1
QB 8 Moore, Hayden RS JR/2 12 Trail, Ross RS SO/1
RB 5 Boone, Mike SR/3 32 Doaks, Gerrid RS FR
DE 51 Fitz, Kimoni RS JR/2 95 Wright, Bryan RS SO/1
DT 44 Copeland, Marquise JR/2 91 Brown, Marcus RS FR
DT 96 Broughton, Cortez RS JR/2 92 Brooks, Curtis RS FR
DE 48 Mouhon, Kevin RS JR/2 98 Johnson, Lyndon SR/TR/1
WLB 46 Young, Perry SO/1 41 Dublanko, Joel RS FR
MLB 33 Minor, Jaylyin SR/TR/2 40 Sponseller, Ty RS FR
SLB 2 Gilbert, Tyrell RS JR/2 37 Draper, Matthew RS SO
CB 10 Thomas, Alex RS JR/2 19 Pierce, Davin SR/TR/1
FS 24 Clements, Malik JR/2 30 Murphy, Chris RS JR/TR/1
SS 20 Jacobs, Carter SR/3 32 Wiggins, James RS FR
CB 32 Stephens, Linden SR/3 13 Coleman, Grant SR/3
PK 16 Gantz, Andrew SR/2
LS 41 Vincent, Jon RS SR/1 31 Curtis, Kyle SR/3
H 20 Jacobs, Carter SR/3
PR 1 Lewis, Kahlil JR/2 21 Gray, Devin SR/1
KR 5 Boone, Mike SR/3 26 Rollins, Jerron SO/1

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