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Tulsa 2017 Depth Chart

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Tulsa 2017 Depth Chart Empty Tulsa 2017 Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:29 am

Tulsa Golden Hurricane Depth Chart

WR 29 Hobbs, Justin RS JR/2 23 Brown, Jordan RS FR
WR 5 Umblance, Brodrick SR/3 1 Stewart, Josh RS FR
IR 8 Johnson, Keenen SO/1 7 Louie, Bishop SR/3
LT 66 Plagg, Evan RS SR/3 76 Muhammad, Waahid RS FR
LG 72 Bowling, Tyler RS JR/2 67 Wyatt, Tristan RS SO
OC 74 Miller, Chandler RS JR/2 70 Greathouse, Clay RS FR
RG 53 Uhles, Zac RS SR/3 68 Bucktrot, Tiller RS FR
RT 58 Wright, Willie RS JR/2 65 Ivy Jr., Christopher RS SO/1
QB 13 Skipper, Luke RS FR 10 President, Chad SO/1
RB 4 Brewer, D'Angelo SR/3 25 Warren, Ramadi RS JR/1
TE 6 Minter, Chris JR/2 33 Riederer, Rob RS SR/3
DE 98 Smith, Jeremy SR/2 96 Mouton, Myles RS JR/2
DT 85 Shindelar, Kolton RS SR/3 88 Nelson, Jimmy RS FR
DT 54 Robinson, Shemarr SO/1 89 Prince, Payton RS JR/1
DE 8 Brubaker, Jesse RS SR/3 90 Davis, Frankie RS SR/3
STAR 6 Cannon, Damion RS SO/1 24 Reeves, Treyvon RS FR
MIKE 42 Edmiston, Cooper SO/1 44 Wilson, Petera SR/3
WILL 28 Suits, Craig RS SR/3 4 Revels III, Robert SO/1
CB 2 Thomas, Kerwin RS SR/3 11 Wadley, Keidrien RS SO/1
SS 21 Whitfield, McKinley JR/2 30 Williams, Christian RS SO/1
FS 13 Mitchell, Jordan SR/3 10 Bunch, Manny SO/1
CB 9 Robinson, Reggie RS SO/1 1 Hill, Keanu SR/TR/1
P 23 Bennett, Thomas SO/TR
PK 19 Jones, Redford RS SR/3 90 Walker, Nathan RS JR
H 15 Gottsch, Samuel RS JR/2
PR 16 Anderson, Jarion RS SO/1 2 Thomas, Kerwin RS SR/3
KR 7 Louie, Bishop SR/3 21 Simon, Rowdy RS SR/3
KO 19 Jones, Redford RS SR/3

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