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Notre Dame Depth Chart

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Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by luvtotha9s on Mon May 16, 2011 8:00 pm

Offense Returning Starters: 9

QB 10 Dayne Crist, 6-4, 235, Sr. OR
11 Tommy Rees, 6-2, 210, Soph.
12 Andrew Hendrix, 6-2, 218, Soph. OR
5 Everett Golson, 6-0, 180, Fr.

RB 20 Cierre Wood, 6-0, 210, Jr.
25 Jonas Gray, 5-10, 230 Sr.

WR 5 Michael Floyd, 6-3, 220, Sr. (Susp.)
81 John Goodman, 6-3, 207, Sr.
87 Daniel Smith, 6-4, 215, Soph.

WR 7 T.J. Jones, 5-11, 187, Soph.
1 Deion Walker, 6-3, 202, Sr.

WR 6 Theo Reddick, 5-11, 198, Jr.
9 Robby Toma, 5-9, 175, Soph.

TE 80 Tyler Eifert, 6-6, 242, Jr.
83 Mike Ragone, 6-4, 245, Sr.

LT 70 Zack Martin, 6-4, 300, Jr.
64 Tate Nichols, 6-8, 320, Soph.

LG 66 Chris Watt, 6-3, 310, Jr.
76 Andrew Nuss, 6-5, 303, Sr.

C 52 Braxston Cave, 6-3, 303, Sr.
57 Mike Golic Jr., 6-3, 295, Sr.

RG 78 Trevor Robinson, 6-5, 300, Sr.
73 Lane Clelland, 6-5, 297, Sr.

RT 75 Taylor Dever, 6-5, 297, Sr.
74 Christian Lombard, 6-5, 301, Soph.

Defense Returning Starters: 8

DE 90 Ethan Johnson, 6-4, 300, Jr.
96 Kona Schwenke, 6-4, 285, Soph.

NT 94 Hafis Williams, 6-1, 285 Sr. OR
9 Louis Nix, 6-3, 340, Soph.

DE 89 Kapron Lewis-Moore, 6-4, 295, Sr.
19 Aaron Lynch, 6-6, 260, Fr.

OLB 45 Darius Fleming, 6-3, 250, Sr.
1 Ishaq Williams, 6-5, 242, Fr.

ILB 5 Manti Te’o, 6-2, 255, Jr.
36 David Posluszny, 6-0, 235. Sr.

ILB 44 Carlo Calabrese, 6-1, 245, Jr.
48 Dan Fox, 6-3, 230, Jr.

OLB 55 Prince Shembo, 6-2, 250, Soph.
13 Danny Spond, 6-2, 242, Soph.

CB 12 Robert Blanton, 6-1, 196, Sr. OR
23 Lo Wood, 5-10, 182, Jr.

SS 26 Jamoris Slaughter, 6-0, 198, Sr. OR
17 Zeke Motta, 6-2, 215, Jr.

FS 22 Harrison Smith, 6-2, 214, Sr.
15 Dan McCarthy, 6-2, 205, Sr.

CB 4 Gary Gray, 5-11, 195, Sr.
2 Bennett Jackson,6-0, 181, Soph.


PK 97 David Ruffer, 6-1, 176, Sr.
40 Nick Tausch, 6-0, 190, Jr.

P 35 Ben Turk, 6-11, 196, Jr.
27 Kyle Brindza, 6-1, 219, Fr.

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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by stlcardz-ndirish on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:24 pm

Changes For Notre Dame
QB#10- Dayne Crist, JrRS, Hasn't really proved anything yet to deserve a 91overall. Lowering his Awareness to 77 makes him a 87 overall which is fair.
QB#13- Tommy Rees, Now #11, The 83 rating is accurate but his 91 throw power is too high. Bump Throw power down to 87, and up throw accuracy to 86 and awareness to 72. This keeps his 83 rating.
QB#12- Andrew Hendrix, FrRS, Really got snubbed with his rating. Is a better QB than Rees but Brian Kelly wanted to save his eligibility with a RS last year. 4/5 notches up on his throwing attributes is accurate.
QB#14- Everett Golson, 180, Take off dreads, #5 but so is someone more important so...

HB#20- Cierre Wood, SoRS, great speed and EA gave him a 88. Fastest player on ND's offense. 93-95 is realistic. (was 93spd in NCAA 11)
HB#25- Jonas Gray
HB#31- Cameron Roberson, FrRS
HB#18- George Atkinson III, #4 but so is someone more important so...

FB#82- Alex Welch, FrRs, Is a TE. ND doesnt roll with a FB

WR#3- Michael Floyd
WR#6- Theo Riddick, theoreticaly(no pun intended haha) one of the shiftiest players in CFB. Very quick. Our punt returner too. EA gave him 88spd and 70breaktackle. WHAT?? 91-92ish spd, 96-97ish Acc, 86-87ish BrkTack is very realistic.
WR#7- TJ Jones, Take off dreads
WR#19- Roby Toma, Now #9 but so is someone more important so...
WR#81- John Goodman
WR#85- Davaris Daniels, #16
WR#86- Bennett Jackson, Now #2, 181, Moved to CB, 75-76ish rating
WR#87- Dainel Smith, 215

TE#80- Tyler Eifert, SoRS
TE#88- Jake Golic, SoRs
TE#83- Ben Koyack, #18
TE#84- is nobody, Make to Mike Ragone, #83, SrRS, White, 6'4, 245, hes our Backup TE, 77-79ish rating

LT#70- Zach Martin, SoRS, 300
LT#71- Matthew Hegarty, #77
LT#64- Tate Nichols, FrRS, 320

LG#66- Chris Watt, SoRS
LG#65- Nobody, make Taylor Dever, 6-5, 297, SR, #75, White, STARTING RT, 83-84ish ratting

C#52- Braxston Cave, JrRS
C#57- Mike Golic Jr, JrRS, 295

RG#78- Trevor Robinson, 300
RG#72- Nobody, Make Conor Hanratty, 6-4, 305, FR, #65, White, 69-70ish Rating

RT#74- Christian Lombard, FrRS, 301
RT#73- Lane Clelland, JrRS, Moved to LG, 297,
RT#76- Wrong player, Make Brad Carrico, FR, 6-5, 285, #56, White

LE#90- Ethan Johnson, 300
LE#91- Stephon Tuitt, #7 but so is someone more important so...
LE#96- Kona Schwenke, 285lbs

RE#89- Kapron Lewis-Moore, 295
RE#93- Ishaq Willaims, #1, Plays LOLB, 245, Dreads, Was regarded as one of THE fastest LBs in the recruting class. 86ish spd
RE#97- Aaron Lynch, #19, 260, could use a rating boost, BEAST and was on an article on ESPN about the top 10 freshmen that will make an imideate impact.

DT#98- Sean Cwynar
DT#94- Hafis Williams
DT#99- Brandon Newman
DT#67- Louis Nix, FrRs, Now #9, 340, Will be competeing for starting NT job and will probably win so 79-81ish rating
DT#92- ND runs a 3-4 D meaning they only have one DT spot so they dont need 5DTs on the roster. Make to Ben Council, OLB, #30, White, 6'5, 235, Fr, 71-73ish rating.

LOLB#45- Darius Fleming, 250, take off dreads
LOLB#48- Dan Fox, Moved to MLB, SoRS
LOLB#13- Danny Spond, Plays ROLB, 242

MLB#5- Manti TeO, 255,
MLB#44- Carlo Calabrese, SoRS
MLB#54- Anthony McDonald, JrRS
MLB#59- Jarrett Grace

ROLB#55- Prince Shembo, 250
ROLB#36- David Posluszny, plays MLB
ROLB#8- Kendall Moore, FrRS

CB#12- Robert Blanton, 196
CB#23- Lo Wood, FrRS, 182, Take off dreads
CB#43- Josh Atkinson, Fr, 6'0, 185
CB#35- Nobody, Make Gary Gray, #4, 5'11, 195, Sr, Black, The BEST CB on our roster(Don't know how EA left him off
the game) 87-88ish rating, was 94spd in ncaa11
CB#21- Jalen Brown
CB#29- Nobody, make to Harrison Smith(another player I can't believe EA didnt put on the game) STARTING FS, #22, White, 6'2, 214, Had 7 picks in 2010, Our 2nd best player on D, and regarded as a top 10 Saftey in College Football, 88-90ish rating

FS#15- Dan McCarthy, JrRS
FS#34- Eilar Hardy, Move to SS

SS#17- Zeke Motta, 215
SS#26- Jamoris Slaughter, JrRs, Take off dreads
SS#42- Nobody, make Austin Collinsworth, 6'1, 200, #28, White, Soph, Plays FS

K#40- make to David Ruffer, #97, 6'1, 176, SR, Starting kicker, Was 18-19 in attempts in 2010, top 3 K in College Football so 89-91ish rating
K#2- Kyle Brindza, #27

P#35- Ben Turk

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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by Alamo on Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:28 pm

Harrison Smith and Gary Gray were both left off the roster.


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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by theflyingalamo on Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:24 pm

Alamo wrote:Harrison Smith and Gary Gray were both left off the roster.

Finally registered...their numbers position are listed above

Luv...EA needs to hire you to do their rosters

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nd rosters 2012

Post by ndirish6 on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:29 am

Alright, so I do my own ND rosters every year. I make them as realistic as possible, and my team overall rating usually ends up staying the same as the default ones. I take the 68 (only 68 on the teambuilder roster) that seem the best in terms of starting a dynasty. All numbers and years are accurate and overalls are not biased. Feel free to use any of my suggestions. You're the man with rosters. I tried to do all of my own rosters last year and got about 40 teams down and gave up. Mad respect.

Some notes: I left out a FB and a P. ND really does not use a FB, but if the game does not let you do this, then please move Mike Ragone or Alex Welch to FB. I also included two Ks and no Ps. I did this as most expect FR Kyle Brindza to win the punting job and to take over next year as the kicker. Ruffer is a RS SR who only missed one FG all year last year. If the game does not let you have 0 Ps, it would make the most sense to move Brindza to P. He should be about a 83 at both kicking and punting. I have no number with Jordan Prestwood as he will not be eligible this year. He signed with Florida State last February but recently decided he will be transferring to ND in the fall. He will essentially be red-shirted. He was only a 3-star, but offered by just about every school. Like I said before, I made these as realistic as possible. RB Wood, TE Eifert, and WR Riddick may seem to have higher ratings than they should if one only looks at the stats, but Wood and Eifert were not starters until the 2nd half of the year, and Riddick was injured and missed 4 games. DT Nix was redshirted last year but is expected to either be the starter or at the very least a run-stuffer who plays about 20-25 snaps a game. I added CB Gray and FS Smith to the team. They are RS SRs who EA forgot about. Smith is the defensive captain and on most pre-season 3rd or 4th teams. In terms or freshman, I rated them fairly and non biased I believe. Going by the old EA system of low 5-stars being right around an 80, I think I did it fair. DE Aaron Lynch is my highest rated at 80, and most rankings had him anywhere from #10-#25 in the country. DE Tuitt and OLB Williams also fell in this ranking range, and I have them as 79s. I tended to rate most 3-stars as 72-74ish and 4 stars as 75-77. Again, I think this is fair. If you want to use any of these ratings, that would be awesome. Like I said before, I do this for ND every year and make them as realistic as I can. If you have any questions or anything I'll be happy to answer them.

QB (4)

#10 RS JR Dayne Crist 85 overall (91 throw pwr, 86 throw acc, mid 70s speed/agl/acc)
#11 SO Tommy Rees 80 overall (82 throw pwr, 88 throw acc, mid 60s speed/agl/acc)
#12 RS FR Andrew Hendrix 78 overall (87 throw pwr, 84 throw acc, low 80s speed/agl/acc/btk)
#5 FR Everett Golson 75 overall (85 throw pwr, 86 throw acc, mid 80s speed/agl/acc)

RB (4)

#20 RS SO Cierre Wood 86 overall (91 speed, low 90s/agl/acc, high 70s btk)
#25 SR Jonas Gray 80 overall (85 speed, mid 80s agl/acc/btk)
#31 RS FR Cameron Roberson 77 overall (88 speed, high 80s agl/acc, 80 btk)
#4 FR George Atkinson III 75 overall (93 speed, low 90s agl/acc, low 70s btk)

TE (4)

#80 RS SO Tyler Eifert 85 overall (mid 80s speed, low 80s agl/acc, average blocker)
#83 RS SR Mike Ragone 79 overall (high 70s speed, mid 70s agl/acc, above average blocker)
#82 RS FR Alex Welch 78 overall (low 80s speed, 80ish agl/acc, average blocker)
#18 FR Ben Koyack 76 overall (low 80s speed, mid 80s agl/acc, average blocker)

WR (7)

#3 SR Michael Floyd 96 overall (90ish speed, 90ish agl/acc, 80 btk)
#6 JR Theo Riddick 86 overall (93 speed, 95ish agl/acc)
#7 SO TJ Jones 82 overall (90ish speed, 90ish agl/acc)
#9 JR Robby Toma 80 overall (87 speed, 93ish agl/acc)
#81 RS JR John Goodman 79 overall, 88 speed, 91ish agl/acc)
#16 FR DaVaris Daniels 76 overall, 91 speed, 91ish agl/acc)
#41 FR Matthias Farley (74 overall, 93 speed, 94ish agl/acc)

LT (3)

#70 RS SO Zack Martin 87 overall
#64 RS FR Tate Nichols 77 overall
No Number FR Jordan Prestwood 75 overall

LG (3)

#66 RS SO Chris Watt 82 overall
#76 RS SR Andrew Nuss 81 overall
#65 FR Conor Hanratty 73 overall

C (3)

#52 RS JR Braxton Cave 85 overall
#57 RS JR Mike Golic Jr 79 overall
#72 FR Nick Martin 72 overall

RG (2)

#78 SR Trevor Robinson 86 overall
#77 FR Matt Hegarty 77 overall

RT (2)

#75 RS SR Taylor Dever 85 overall
# 74 RS FR Christian Lombard 78 overall

LE (3)

#90 SR Ethan Johnson 86 overall (72 speed, 84 strength)
#19 FR Aaron Lynch 80 overall (80 speed, mid 80s agl/acc, 75 strength)
#58 FR Troy Niklas 75 overall (high 70s speed/agl/acc/strength)

RE (4)

# 89 RS JR Kapron Lewis-Moore 85 overall (74 speed, 80 strength)
#7 FR Stephon Tuitt 79 overall (70 speed, mid 80s strength)
#96 SO Kona Schwenke 76 overall (72 speed, 82 strength)
#50 FR Chase Hounshell 74 overall (74 speed, 80 strength)

DT (3)

#9 RS FR Louis Nix 81 overall (60 speed, 90 strength)
#98 RS JR Sean Cwynar 80 overall (72 speed, 85 strength)
#91 RS JR Hafis Williams 79 overall, 68 speed, 83 strength)

LOLB (3)

#45 SR Darius Fleming 87 overall (84 speed)
#46 SR Steve Filer 80 overall (87 speed)
#1 FR Ishaq Williams 79 overall (86 speed)

MLB (7)

#5 JR Manti Te'o 96 overall (88 speed)
#44 RS SO Carlo Calabrese 83 overall (78 speed)
#48 RS SO Dan Fox 80 overall (80 speed)
#54 RS JR Anthony McDonald 79 overall (82 speed)
#53 RS FR Justin Utupo 77 overall (79 speed)
#8 RS FR Kendall Moore 76 overall (83 speed)
#56 FR Anthony Rabasa 74 overall (82 speed)

ROLB (3)

#55 SO Prince Shembo 82 overall (85 speed)
#13 SO Danny Spond 79 overall (83 speed)
#30 FR Ben Councell 76 overall (88 speed)

CB (5)

#4 RS SR Gary Gray 87 overall (92 speed)
#12 SR Robert Blanton 86 overall (89 speed)
#23 SO Lo Wood 76 overall (90 speed)
#2 SO Bennet Jackson 75 overall (94 speed)
#43 FR Josh Atkinson 74 overall (92 speed)

FS (3)

#22 RS SR Harrison Smith 90 overall (91 speed)
#15 RS JR Dan McCarthy 77 overall (90 speed)
#28 SO Austin Collinsworth 75 overall (88 speed)

SS (3)

#17 JR Zeke Motta 84 overall (89 speed)
#26 RS JR Jamoris Slaughter 82 overall (91 speed)
#34 FR Eilar Hardy 74 overall (90 speed)

K (2)

#97 RS SR David Ruffer 91 overall
#27 FR Kyle Brindza 83 overall


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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by theflyingalamo on Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:31 am

Prestwood was a 4 or 5 star depending on the service.
Most had him ranked as the #10 ish OT in the country.
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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

Post by rl10529 on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:09 pm

you do a great job but you somehow have to add gary gray and harrison smith to notre dame. Somehow EA left off the two best DBs on Notre Dame...I wonder if it has something to do with them being 5th year seniors because also tyler dever (sp) and david ruffer are also not in the game and are 5th year seniors

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Re: Notre Dame Depth Chart

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