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New Aztecs Depth Chart released on 8/16

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New Aztecs Depth Chart released on 8/16

Post by laxplayer on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:09 pm

This is the latest post-training camp depth chart on the team website. It includes a few surprises, mostly that MLB Jake Fely is starting over incumbent MLB Rob Andrews. And Colin Lockett is a starting WR.

Here's the link (you'll have to copy and paste and add the http to the front as it's not letting me put the link in):


Also you'll notice that top 2 WR's Dominique Sandifer and Jay Waddell are not on it. They both tore up their knees this summer and are out for the season. I wouldn't overwrite them, I would just remove them from the depth chart.

In case it's not completely obvious, the position names for the SDSU 3-3-5 defense are Aztec = FS and Warrior = SS.

Depth chart for Warrior/SS should be this:
Nate Berhe
Marcus Andrews
Gabe Lemon
Rene Siluano

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